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Multiple Choice Questions (no explanations needed)What was Gannon's metaphor for Americans?Question 1 options:

Question 1 

A) Baseball

B) Football

C) Soccer

D) Apple pie

Question 2 

All of the following are in the same macro-cluster EXCEPT:

Question 2 options:

A) Austria

B) Canada

C) U.S.A.

D) Finland

Question 3 

To forecast revenues, you must know all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 3 options:

A) Market sales

B) Market share

C) Market growth

D) Received unit price

Question 4 

What country rated the highest on the "thinking" scale of advertising appeal?

Question 4 options:

A) Italy

B) Netherlands

C) Belgium

D) Australia

Question 5 

Which are good resources for the preliminary screening stage?

Question 5 options:

A) The U.S. Department of Commerce

B) The Euromonitor International

C) The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

D) The U.S. Department of Commerce AND The Euromonitor International

Question 6 

Which is characteristic of a negotiator?

Question 6 options:

A) Informal personal style, agreement building from the bottom up and high on risk taking

B) Formal personal style, agreement building from the top down and low on risk taking

C) Formal personal style, agreement building from the bottom up and high on risk taking

D) Informal personal style, agreement building from the top down and high on risk taking

Question 7 

What car extended the product space when introduced in 1982?

Question 7 options:

A) VW Rabbit

B) Toyota Celica

C) Honda Accord

D) BMW 320i

Question 8 

Which religion is the largest in the world?

Question 8 options:

A) Islam

B) Christianity

C) Hinduism

D) Judaism

Question 9 

What country did IKEA have the smoothest and most successful international opening?

Question 9 options:

A) United States

B) China

C) South Korea

D) Canada

Question 10 

Initially, Starbucks used what business models to start to operate internationally?

Question 10 options:

A) Joint ventures

B) Owning it's stores

C) Licensing

D) Joint ventures AND licensing

Question 11

Types of strategic alliances include:

Question 11 options:

A) Contract manufacture

B) Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

C) Turnkey contracts

D) None of these

Question 12 

The waterfall strategy of expansion into different markets:

Question 12 options:

A) A quick way to penetrate across the globe

B) It generates first mover advantages

C) It preempts competitive countermoves by sheer speed

D) None of these

Question 13 

Which key personal characteristic of good salesmanship is particularly important for high context cultures?

Question 13 options:

A) Appearance

B) Enthusiasm

C) Self-confidence

D) "Good person", or the relationship building

Question 14

 All of the following are categories of silent languages EXCEPT:

Question 14 options:

A) The distance between two people conversing

B) The degree in which friends can be involved in business dealings

C) The level in which business relies on shared understanding

D) The degree in which business can be transacted without a written legal document

Question 15 

The economic gains from non-equity alliances are:

Question 15 options:

A) Access to technology

B) Rapid market entry

C) Less investment need

D) All of these

Question 16 

Which criteria for market segmentation has become increasingly important as globalization progresses, helping Bollywood Films and Televelas become hugely successful?

Question 16 options:

A) Economics

B) Demographics

C) Values

D) Ethnicity

Question 17 

In the product shipment process, what step does the temptation for bribery come in?

Question 17 options:

A) Transportation

B) Custom free depot storage

C) Presenting the bill of lading

D) Warehousing

Question 18 

What particular challenges do companies face when researching and marketing to Europe?

Question 18 options:

A) The lack of homogeny in the cultures

B) Language and cultural differences

C) The Euro has made income comparisons more complex

D) The lack of homogeny in the cultures AND language and cultural differences

Question 19 

A diversification strategy in expansion:

Question 19 options:

A) Is favorable for high growth markets that require more marketing support for a brand

B) When there's instability and competitive rivalry in the market

C) When decisions have to be adapted to the local market

D) None of these

Question 20

An advantage of licensing over exporting is:

Question 20 options:

A) The need for market research and knowledge is reduced

B) It transfers technology

C) It allows the licensee to share the competitive advantage

D) All of these

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Multiple Choice Questions (no explanations needed) Question 1 What was Gannon's metaphor for Americans?
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