> Perceptual map and Interpretation Anglesey Food Company founded in 1996. (korzinka.uz, 2020) > 31 supermarket stores under the brand...
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Managing Marketing Channel

  1. Suggest and justify strategies for marketing channel management by taking into account product type nd customer preferences for Supermarket (korzinka) by taking in account covid -19 pandemic
  •  Exclusive Distribution
  •  Selective Distribution
  •  Intensive Distribution

about a brand in a pictures below



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> Perceptual map and Interpretation Anglesey Food Company founded in 1996. (korzinka.uz, 2020) > 31 supermarket stores under the brand korzinka.uz in Tashkent > Smart ,,close to home,, minimarket chain ii The main difference between stores in this format is the price, which is significantly lower than the average market offer for many product categories > Since 2008 in supermarkets korzinka.uz mercy Boxes were installed. Anyone can donate any amount of money to charity (TOP most expensive Brands in demographic behavioral psychographic the world in 2020, 2020) 1. students 1. reserved, cost 1. lower, working 2. manual workers oriented people and middle class (doormen, (those who pay (those who usually Walmart hairdressers) much attention to cannot afford luxury price of the product) products) 3. floor level employees (employees who 2. resigned, work in food service struggler, industries such as mainstreamer (those waiters, cleaners) who faced huge 4. middle level problems in their life) managers (Dudovskiy,2016) (Makromarket.uz, 2020) 190 makro makro Express The Makro supermarket chain has been on the market since 2010 > 3 main segments of the market: -Teenagers in groups of 2-3 people - Young families -Old people, alone or with partner

I Em Hair I mm": (Self-prepared by authors} 3* Korzinkanz is proven to be a leader in quality and variation of the products. 3* Since all three brands occupy one quadrant, the other three remain free from competition. 3* Retailing products with high quality but low prices remains the most profitable direction for investment. 3* Havas is a new player in the market. This company may be an example of a good investment in the empty direction of the market, but this is still a moot point. 7* Wal Mart is an excellent foreign example of a retailer of high-quality goods at wholesale prices.

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