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Can someone please help me with this? I need the answer by 9 March...

Can someone please help me with this? I need the answer by 9 March 2016. Also I need a really good analysis of the material.

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Module 3 - Case DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING PLAN Assignment Overview One interesting aspect of distribution channels occurs when a retailer, in this case, Amazon, integrates backward with the intent of attracting suppliers (authors with brand names) and the expectation of utilizing other outlets (traditional bookstores) for full distribution of its products. In this example, the largest traditional bookstore chain, which also has a significant online business, has decided not to stock Amazon's products in the hope of discouraging authors from signing publication contracts with Amazon. Effective distribution channels call for vertical cooperation, here among authors and their agents, publishers, and retail outlets. But vertical integration invites conflicts. The battle between Amazon and Barnes & Noble deserves further attention. Case Reading Review the followings articles related to recent developments in book retailing (Use the university online library search engine on TLC homepage to find the articles): Gelles, D. (2014, Feb 22). Barnes & noble receives conditional offer. New York Times . Krug, N. (2012, Oct 31). Amazon books getting no shelf space. The Washington Post . Herther, N. K. (2012). THE E BOOK WARS amazon versus the rest. Searcher, 20(4), 20-23,26-30. Streitfeld, D. (2014). Feed the beast (or else). The New York Times, pp. 1. Trachtenberg, J. A. (2013). Barnes & noble pulls back after losses in tablet wars. Wall Street Journal. Europe.
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