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1. A direct channel is one where the product or service remains...

1. A direct channel is one where the product or service remains under the control of the company from production to customer. (Points : 1)       



Question 2. 2. What constitutes the largest part of a sales organization?(Points : 1)
       Field sales representatives
       National sales managers
       Direct sales managers
       Regional sales managers

Question 3. 3. KapConsulting is doing some consulting for a small pharmacy in Raritan, NJ called Doc’s Pharmacy. Doc’s is thinking about coming out with their own private label for certain products. Which of the following statements is true regarding a private label brand?(Points : 1)
       It is sometimes called as an exclusive brand.
       It is usually the low-priced option in the category.
       Stores often make lower margins on private-label brands.
       Retail stores devote huge marketing funds to support private labels.

Question 4. 4. You are the marketing manager for Doc’s Cola and are working on a product development strategy. Your approach to new product development consists of a funnel like process where the number of concepts diminishes after each step because some will fail the test at each stage. What is this approach referred to?(Points : 1)
       The Classic Linear Approach
       The Rugby Approach
       The Cost Differential Approach
       The Target Costing Approach

Question 5. 5. Bob, a marketing manager for Doc’s Cola is considering a product brand extension to the Doc’s brand category. Which of the following is one of the main considerations for the fit of an extension to the parent brand category?(Points : 1)
       The transferability of the associations
       The simplicity of the logo
       The extent to which people are aware of the brand
       The amount of money invested in brand building

Question 6. 6. Which of the following types of coupons appears on the actual pages of newspapers rather than being inserted as a separate page or section?(Points : 1)
       Cross-ruffs coupon
       In-ad coupons
       Free-standing inserts
       On-package coupons

Question 7. 7. Sean is a market research consultant for KapConsulting. His job is to determine a product strategy.  Their client is in an industry that is considered lucrative. However, they have just entered this industry a month ago. Where is their client based on the BCG matrix?(Points : 1)
       Cash cows
       Problem children

Question 8. 8. As marketing manager, you have just recommended to your to team to consider using target costing approach to new product development. Which of the following is a benefit of the target costing approach?(Points : 1)
       The product development process is continuously guided by the top management.
       It produces a superior product with unique product benefits.
       It decreases the likelihood that low-margin products will be introduced.
       It shortens the product development cycle.

Question 9. 9. What type of channel function uses sales literature and product brochures distributed through wholesalers and retailers?(Points : 1)
       Marketing research
       Risk taking

Question 10. 10. As the marketing manager, John is conducting several tests to predict sales and profits from the prospective new product launch and to make certain that marketing, distribution, and production skills are developed before full-scale operations begin. What types of test is John conducting?(Points : 1)
       Product use tests
       Market tests
       Sales forecasts tests
       Concept generation tests

Question 11. 11. Tony’s pizza is using a popular form of communication for which the sponsoring organization does not pay. What is this form of communication called?(Points : 1)
       Trade promotions
       Consumer-oriented promotions
       Public relations

Question 12. 12. Which of the following is a controversial form of sales-based incentive where direct prizes or bonuses are given to the channel's sales force for meeting or exceeding a quota?(Points : 1)
       Place-based incentives
       Slotting allowances
       Off-invoice allowances

Question 13. 13. Which of the following statements is true regarding the value-added chain of distribution channels?(Points : 1)
       The value-added chain of distribution channels begins with the customer.
       Distribution channels establish a connection between the firm and the customers.
       One of the components of the value-added chain of distribution channels is the government.
       Distribution channels connect suppliers to the firm.

Question 14. 14. What type of trade promotion is considered the most risky for a company?(Points : 1)
       Place-based promotions
       Sales-based incentives
       Product-based allowances
       Price-based promotions

Question 15. 15. KapConsulting is doing some consulting for a small pharmacy in Raritan, NJ called Doc’s Pharmacy. A big retailer just moved into town and they have a pharmacy. Which of the following describes how a local retailer like Doc’s could defend its local market against a global company?(Points : 1)
       It should reduce its price and begin competing on price differentiation.
       It should emphasize its home country or ethnic origin.
       It should increase advertising expenditures and continue with the same message as before.
       It should increase its research and development expenditure and enhance its product.

Question 16. 16. John is a market research consultant for KapConsulting. He has just recommended a strategy to a client where product variants are developed to appeal to different segments of the market or to satisfy customers' needs for variety. What type of strategy has John recommend to the client?(Points : 1)
       Product line strategy
       Production line strategy
       Customer line strategy
       Competitor line strategy

Question 17. 17. Which of the following is an action-focused marketing event that attempts to get customers to purchase within a limited period of time?(Points : 1)
       Sales promotion
       Market penetration
       Marketing research
       Product segmentation

Question 18. 18. Which of the following is an example of sampling?(Points : 1)
       Offering a free drug to a physician
       Offering a free toy in a Cracker Jack box
       Offering redeemable points with each purchase
       Offering a bonus pack which provides larger sizes for the same price as a smaller size 22

Question 19. 19. Which of the following statements is true regarding the percentage of sales approach to budgeting?(Points : 1)
       It views advertisement as an investment measures its return by calculating percentage increase in sales for a particular period.
       It attempts to spend at levels proportional to the competition's spending.
       It is based on the belief that advertising causes sale.
       It selects a percentage of sales, either past or expected to devote to advertising.

Question 20. 20. What has traditionally been defined as any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization, product, service, or idea by an identified sponsor?(Points : 1)
       Sales promotion
       Personal selling
       Public relations

Question 21. 21. The most commonly used quota is based on profit margins. (Points : 1)

Question 22. 22. Sales quotas are specific sales goals that salespeople are required to meet. (Points : 1)

Question 23. 23. Companies that are marketing services must solve the same distribution problems as those that market tangible products. (Points : 1)

Question 24. 24. You are the marketing manager for Doc’s Cola and are working on a product development strategy.  You are using a classic linear approach. Your competitor has recently learned about your new concept. Which stage of the new product development process is where your competitor would most likely learned about your new product?(Points : 1)
       Idea generation
       Testing and concept development
       Business analysis
       Initial design and concept screening

Question 25. 25. In which circumstance is sampling most likely used?(Points : 1)
       When the maturity stage of the product life cycle
       When the decline stage of the product life cycle
       When a new product or brand is being introduced
       When retailers try to create interest among laggards in the decline stage.

Question 26. 26. What is Cost-per-thousand (CPM) a measure of?(Points : 1)
       The efficiency of a media type
       Profit margin from advertising revenues
       Losses from advertising expense
       Gains from advertising exposure

Question 27. 27. John, the new marketing manager of Doc’s Cola recently decided to increase the bottle of soda by 5 cents. He needs to calculate the correct formula for the calculation of price elasticity of demand. Which calculation below is the correct formula for price elasticity?(Points : 1)
       E = percent change in price/percent change in demand
       E = percent change in demand/percent change in price
       E = percent change in demand/percent change in supply
       E = percent change in supply/percent change in demand

Question 28. 28. Which of the following is the advantage of public relations?(Points : 1)
       The message originates from an unbiased source
       The sponsoring company has full control of the message promoted
       The message is almost always positive
       The message is very unlikely to damage a company's reputation

Question 29. 29. Which of the following marketing intermediaries is a business that assists in the distribution tasks other than buying, selling, and transferring title?(Points : 1)
       Merchant middleman
       Facilitating agent

Question 30.30. John is the marketing manager for KapConsulting. Their biggest client is Doc’s Cola and the main objective is to help the client build the brand. Which of the following is critical to building a strong brand?(Points : 1)

       Increase the sales volume of the products falling under the brand.
       Reduce the production cost of the products falling under the brand.
       Increase the profit margin for the products falling under the brand.
       Assign responsibility for brand development activities.

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