[3 marks] 4. Given that he started renovating at 4pm and that his date with Jessica was supposed to be at 8pm, was he late for his date?
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Please could you solve this for me? Its grade 7 math0AF92FE3-C7A6-4AAB-948F-38DB63837064.jpegA83480AA-B13F-4A2F-BC33-74AC626C82C3.jpegA7F096AC-5354-41CE-8687-56039224A687.jpeg

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[3 marks] 4. Given that he started renovating at 4pm and that his date with Jessica was supposed to be at 8pm, was he late for his date? [1 mark] 5. Find the total amount of money that he spent on that Friday afternoon. [2 marks] [Total for Section A = 10 marl

2 . How many tiles did he end up buying? IN MASTE ENGLISH MEE 3. Find the amount of time he spent renovating his living room.

One Friday afternoon, James decided he wanted to renovate his living room. He had been planning on doin it for weeks now and he felt like he had put it off for long enough. Upon closer inspection, his living room floor was rectangular in shape, measuring 390cm by 260cm. James was a bit of a show-off so he wanted tile the floor using the largest length of square tiles he could find. After taking these measurements ar figuring out the exact dimensions he would need, he headed over to shop for tiles. While at the shop, h found exactly the kind of tiles he was looking for, but because it was priced at $12.5 per tile, he decided buy only as much as he needed for the floor. He also saw that there was a discount on the paint being sol so he went ahead and bought $60 worth of paint. Once he got home, he started work on the renovation right away. Of the time he spent renovating, he spent _ of his time shopping for tiles and paint, = of his time actually tiling the floor and the remaining 15 hour painting the walls. After he was done with it though, he realized he had a date with Jessica he had to get to, so he rushed out to meet her at the Station. On his way there, he chanced upon a flower shop selling a bouquet of roses for $3.95 so he decided to get one for her. Upon arriving, he took her out to a reputed restaurant out for dinner where he paid $257 for a luxurious meal. After that they walked around town a bit and said farewell to each other, upon which he returned home and promptly fell to his bed, asleep. tiles? 1. What was the length of tile he had to buy for his living room floor, given that he can only use whole [2 marks]

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