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Multiple Chalce Director Encircle the Inter of the best anpeer. White your answer in your activity price and provedon that is company assertion to satily a bright group better than its competior. Price d Packaging What's New Price Mebeing Mix 14 At Be that it produced to widely he notch of a certain group of people. Find the P's theangle indudes Brew MP3 players dothing and fe Directions: Think of words or terms related to the fopic that starts with letter "P and find the words in the gnid horizontally. verticaly or diagonally. White the Words or By The way your product or mirvice appears from the cutrida. Terms on the space provided and write something about the form using your own b Marketing Mix c Product d Packaging words. White your answers in your activity notebook. E. Merouting Mix 4. People M Responsible forkerry shement of your sales, marketing strategies, and activities. It Packaging R O DUCT FORE by This matters to hear s butingu creates Promotion d. Branding in This is where your prodd of service s MAY 61 4. Promotion 13 The plica cocupled by products in the heat and heart and minh of the cornumen c. Goods d Place HjA rama, symbol of offer testing that divingwithpis seller's goods or sendogs in to Positioning ". Band Name b. Pouboring C. Branding d. Place A. Draw to Survive Direction: Create a Concept Map for the ? P's of Marketing Mix. Create your Concept Map in your activity notebook Rubrics for Scoring Score Description 15 The Titration of the concept map by dear and complete The Lustration of the concept map is lacking 1 They ustration of the concept map is lacking 2 TheTo curation of the concept map is kickings Paste the P's Look for sewapapers or megarings. Find and identity pictures related to the Pi In Marketing Mic. Cut out the pictures, sort and paste them on the box, then write a Additional Activities what description on the line meat to the picture. Do it is your activity notebook. The Power of Color PICTURE 1 Below are different colors. Think of a particular product or company that you can identify with such color. White your answers in the box beside each color. RED. OR. CHOWKING PICTURE 2 MACK PICTURE 3 YELLOW ORANGE PICTURE GREEN. 15 Rubrics for Souring The diagram i licking one [I) with the right brand w The dogm n kicking te ( The dugan it kicking tote (1 witt the right brand wire in is

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