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Statistles nt'ne 1'ilFarialJnle Assignment RneltIJl Find the mean, made and median wind speeds, and eeranleat nn ynnr ndings. Mean: 1513.14 Median:...

I have an assignment I must complete and I have 2 questions that I can't seem to understand. They are the highlighted questions. I don't know what extra information the graphs give me, and what the calculations tell me. 4.png3.png2.png1.png


Statistles nt'flne 1'ilFarialJnle Assignment RneltIJl Find the mean, made and median wind speeds, and eeranleat nn ynnr findings.
Mean: 1513.14 Median: 5D
Made: 63 Sine-e the mean and median 1values are elunae, we ean deduee that the data is spread evenly around the mean. The dtstrihntinn of this data set ‘i'i-‘flllld he nnrmal {symmet‘ieal} er slightlyr skewed in
the pnaitive dire-etinn- Use Excel to find the standard deviatinn of the wind speeds, and erplain its relevance. The standard deviation at the wind speeds is 1121435592. This infermatien reinfereed that the wind speeds are spread nut further frame the mean. Find the upper and lower quartiles nt'the data.II and use th en1 tn drawr a he: and whisker dlagran at the wind speeds. Use a scale that gees np tn 1]" kmflt In: that fun ran fit the
seennd data let an it alsn. |:| Nflfllfll-fiflflflflfllhlflfl fimmmrsmm Nnrth mire,
Find the mean wind speed. Mean: 515 kmfh
Draw a hlstngranl tn represent the dlstribntinn nt‘ 1wind speeds. Herth thslre Wind Speeds puhmmEEIF


Create a cumulative fieulau ear talinlla1| and from It... draw I cumulative t'relqulene].r eun'e. Use: the curve to find the nedlau and upper and lower quartiles.
'H-‘in-rl. hflhtlh- El-n-queuLtr' Irrfilluflflj' Ilsa-Is I
1m Ellmulilt'iw- Cumulative lEhart
mlm Freeware 3"
see we sen tee me am: we Tc find the median ct'the wind speed1 we need idfiliiiiiiluerafiigmd speed that has a eumuiative fi'euqueiie}r ut' Silas-“in. The cumulative frequency efSM-‘E {if this chart ia 25. Thei'etlei'e1 this means
the median of the wind apced ia 39' krtu‘h. Tc find the first quartile cf this data. we lcel: at what is quartet ut' the cumulative which is 12-5, which meana Lhe luwer quartile is Bill heath. Tc find the
third quartile at this data, we lenel: at what is 3 thirda ef cumulative which is 315, that means the third quartile ct' this data ia 52 knu'h.


What do the menu, medlsn and quartllsl tell you shout ths dlltrlhutlon of wind speeds in
North Utllre? Cumulative Ehart Eurrulahe Freelan- fill
3M {LEI 315D sen mu m 1WD
Wlnd mold [whn'hl From looking at this Eroqueney eunre, our qnaItiles tell us that the higher 15% wind speed is spread over mush greater range than the 259'": of lower wind speed in North Utsire- The quartiles
in this situation tells us, North Utsire is more likely to have faster winds when it gets windy. From analyzing the quartile, North Utsire ean get windier hut still he at a normal atmosphere.
The median tells me that Sfl'i't ofthe wind speed is below the speed of391-meh and SUE-'3 ofthe wind speed is above 39 leth- Conclusion What eoueluslons can be drawn from the measures oi'eentral tsndeney for Roi-Jul] and
North Utslr'e'? The measures of eenlral tendeneyr for Roelrall tells us its average wind speed is 1'4 lu:rn."l:|1 this means Roeleall is a 1very windy eity. The lowest wind speed reeord in that town was 4D lrmt'h and
the highest wind speed over is ll”? lum'h- lt's first quartile is 53 l:m."l:|1 and its third quartile is 9'2 letm'h. From the has and whisker plot, it tells me that the eity eaperienees more high speed wind
days than low speed wind days [experienees more windy days}. The eonelusions drawn from North Utsire tells me its average wind speed is 39 knu'h, whieh tells us North Utsire is not really
a windy eity usually. The lowest wind speed reeorded is 30 thh but its highest wind speed reeordod is l3!) lrrm'h. We esn eonelude that North Utsire is not really a windy eity, but it esn get
extremely windy if it wants sinee it esn go as high as lifl lrsru'h-


1|What difl'eren tea are th are between the go artllea i'or Roalrall and North Utslra? What can
you eonelude from these djfiareneea? Roekall's first quartile is at 53 Icmn'h and its third quartile is at 91 Irrru'h- While North Utsire first quartile lies at 3-H lrmth and then its third quartile is at 52 leml'h- There is a big ditt'erenee between
the two towns- Roeltall first quartile is at North Utsire third quartile, This tells me that Roelcall is more ot'a windy town than North Utsiro- Reel-tall eaperienees more high wind speeds than North
Ulsire- North Utsiro has a higher mas wind speed Than Roekall, That lit] Itmth wind speed only happens from time to time. Roelrall has higher quartile than North UTsire, heeause it experienees high wind speeds more frequently and it also has a higher mean Than North Utsire. North Utaire
mean is at 3'} Itmth, while Roelcall is at T4 kml'h- These differenees of quartiles tell me that EnekalLiawindier than North UTsiro- How Is this shown by the Bo: and Whisker Plots? What astra Information do Those graphs
give you? 1What overall eonolnalons can he made about the weather eondltlons in RoalsaJ] and North
Utsirs? The overall eonelusions that can he said about the weather eondilions in Roeltall is That it is a very windy and stormy town. It eap-erienees high wind speeds more frequently whieh is the
reason why it is windy. Anything higher than 91] ltrnt'h will hound to get stormy weather, for Roekall it is not unusual to have storms at times, as its Q3 is at 91 IonJh. From a day to day basis,
Roekall is a very windy town. lConeluaions made shout The weather eonditions in North Utsire inelude that it is not very windy, the town is more likely to he stahle,‘ however, it ean get dangerous and windy hy getting to ljfl
Jonah, anything higher than l l3 ltnu'h is eonsidered a hurrieane. This means that North Utsire ean get hurrieanea, hot that is only to happen fi'om time to time — for The most part, North Utaire
experiences low to average wind speeds fi'equently which is the reason why The eenditions in North Utaire on a regular basis are deeent. Dearri'he what else the various ralenlatlons and Faphleal representations have told you
about the wind speeds in North Utalre and ltookalL Draw comparisons between the two weather atatlon I. Reel-tall will have more wind].r and stormy days than North UTsire. [in a regular basis, the weather in North Utsire is more stahle than Reel-tall- However, North UTaire ean get more
dangerous than Roekall. North Utsire has the highest wind speed oi'13lll lrml'h, whieh means hurrieanes on the Beaufort seale, while Roelcall has the highest wind speed of l 17' kmth whieh is
eonsidered a violent storm. North Utsire has had a hurrieane hut That is rarely to happen as its average wind speed is 39 lrrnt'h whieh is way lower than RoeltalFs average wind speed at T4 Jonah. Even though North Utsire has had a hun'ieane before, it is rarely to happen with its low to
average wind speed Erequeney than to Roekall- Roeleall has more of a ehanee to hit violent storrns sinee its quartiles and average of wind speed is high. Roeltall has hit ahove T4 leml'h at times whieh is why it has a higher wind speed average than North Utaire. [n Roekall, you ean
{see more windy times and nonviolent storms in The eity than North Utsire. North Utsire will have more stahle weather eenditions due to its low-average wind speed. In terms of natural
disasters, North Utsire is to get the worst disasters as it gets hurrieanes, hut when it eornes to a regular basis, Roekall is less stahle with its storms and winds that happen while North Utaire is most of the time, a stahle weather environment. Roekall has higher mean and quartiles than
North Utaire, whieh is a mathemalieal proof that North Utsire is more stahle Than Roeltall on a regular basis.

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