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my question at the picture below. heat transfer course at mechanical engineering.i need an answer in 24 hours ( even u can solve the problem half, i need any point from that question, even half solution can work for me) thanks.

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You need an apartment for rent and as shown in the figure, you can see that the 3rd floors of each of the 2, 3 and 4 blocks of the buildings, whose front faces are adjacent, are for rent. You also learn that Block 2 is heated by a coal boiler operating at 75% efficiency, Block 3 is heated by a natural gas boiler operating at 92% efficiency and Block 4 is heated by a heat pump with a COP(coefficient Of Performance) of 4.5. We know that the heating process takes place uninterruptedly for 150 days, during these 150 days, the interior of the apartment remains constant at 22 .C. average outside temperature 7 . = 0 C and average of wind speed u = 5 m / s Find the total heating cost for all three blocks. The average heat transfer coefficient in apartment is h inside = 10 W / m2K thermal resistance of the wall Rwall = 1 m2K / W Assume that heat is lost only from the front and back of the blocks. In addition, the electricity unit price of 0.71 $ / KWh, natural gas unit price of 0.14 $ / KWh, unit price of coal is 0.1 $ / kWh. NOTE: In the solution, if you will make an acceptance that is not given in the question, state this clearly.

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3rd Floor H=4mtmetersl BIOK means=Block h=wm Please Show every step of calculations,where the each result come from while solving the problem. THANKS A LOT T0 WHO SOLVE THAT QUESTION

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