5. Discuss some of the problems with trying to answer the questions,

"What music is African?" and/or "When is an African?"
6. Discuss ways in which the music-culture of Shona mbira is particularly well-suited to its spiritual purpose.
7. Describe how the BaAka use their music-culture as an adaptive resource.
8. Discuss the Afrobeat music of Fela Kuti in terms of the cultural origin and cultural influences. Which features are African, which are Euro-American, which are African- American, which are universal? What do you think about making differentiations of this kind?
9. Compare and contrast all the examples of music-culture presented in this chapter. What do they have in common? What makes each unique? Given information in the chapter, do you think it is accurate to consider Africa as a distinct geo-cultural region of the world? Justify your argument with evidence from the chapter.
10. Building on the information and ideas developed in answering Study Question #9, undertake a compare-and-contrast study of African music-culture with the music- cultures of other geo-cultural regions of the world presented in Worlds of Music. Consider the following topics: ? Compare elements of musical style such as rhythm, melody, texture, and form. ? Compare the use of language in music such as the nature of song lyrics or the use of language as a basis for instrumental themes.

5. Discuss some of the problems with trying to answer the questions, 'What music is African?' and/or 'When is an African?
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