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A home health nurse is caring for a client who has chemotherapy-

induced nausea that has been resistant to

relief from pharmacological measures.

which of the following interventions should the nurse Initiate? (Select all that


(A):Provide sips of room-temperature ginger ale between meats.

(B):Use seasonings to enhance the flavor of foods.

(C):Offer 120 mL (4 02) of cold 2% milk as a meal replacement.

(D):Maintain the head of the client's bed in an elevated position after eating.

(E):Assist the client in using guided imagery

A community health clinic nurse manager is reviewing the Incidence

rate of chlamydia in the state. In a given year. 3,144 new cases were reported

and the population was estimated at 325.986. Which of the following Is the

Incidence rate in the state for the year?

(A):About 1 reported case per 10,000 population

(B):About 300 reported cases per 100,000 population

(C):About 10 reported cases per 1,000 population

(D):About 3 reported cases per 10,000 population

A nurse is working in a shelter following a disaster. Which of the

following is the priority action for the nurse to take?

(A):Address the physical needs of clients.

(B):Create diversionary activities for children.

(C):Help clients gather needed supplies.

(D):Explore feelings the clients are experiencing.

A school nurse is implementing health screenings. Which of the

following assessment findings should the nurse recognize as the highest


(A):A child who has nits

(B):An adolescent who has scoliosis

(C):A child who has a BMI of 18

(D):An adolescent who has psoriasis

A 35-year-old client who has a diagnosis of tuberculosis informs the

providers office that she Is unable to pay for the treatment. Which of the

following actions by the nurse will facilitate obtaining appropriate treatment?

(A):Arrange for medication through local agencies.

(B):Send the client to the nearest facility for further evaluation.

(C):Explore options for alternative therapies.

(D):Help the client apply for Medicare.

A nurse Is providing education to a group of adolescents who are

pregnant and attending high school. Which of the following Information should

the nurse Include In the teaching?

(A):Caffeinated beverages should be replaced with caffeine-free beverages.

(B):The need for supplemental folic acid is greatest during the third trimester.

(C):The incidence of high birth weight infants is higher in adolescent


(D):Pregnant adolescents need to gain less weight than adult mothers

A school nurse is planning safety education for a group of adolescents. The nurse should give priority to which of the following topics as the leading cause of death for this age group? 

(A): Substance abuse prevention

(B): Sports injury prevention

(C): Gun safety

(D): Motor vehicle safety

A nurse at a local health department is caring for several clients. Which of the following Infections should the nurse report to the state health department? 

(A): Human papilloma a virus 

(B): Group B streptococcus B-hemolytic 

(C): Herpes simplex virus 

(D): Chlamydia

The partner of an older adult client who has Alzheimer's disease reports that he is not eating. The home health aide tells the nurse that the client's partner refuses to assist the client with feeding. The partner Insists the client feed himself without help. Which of the following is the priority action the nurse should take? 

(A): Arrange for Meals on Wheels assistance. 

(B): Refer the client's partner to an Alzheimer's support group  

(C): Direct the home health aide to assist with meals. 

(D): Determine the client's ability to self-feed. 

A clinic nurse Is assessing a client who has measles. Which of the following findings should the nurse expect? 

muscle aches and tenderness Xoplik spots inside the mouth Rash confined to the trunk of the body Persistent low.grade temperature

A community health nurse Is Interviewing a client who reports Intimate partner abuse. which of the following actions should the nurse take? 

(A): Ask three nurses of the same gender as the client to patriciate in the interview.

(B): Communicate disapproval of the partner's actions. 

(C): Record a summary of the client's description of the event. 

(D): Assist the client to create a plan of escape.

A nurse in a mobile health clinic is caring for a client who requires a tetanus immunization and is accompanied by his daughter. The client does not speak the same language as the nurse. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? 

(A): Arrange for a member of the client's community to Interpret the teaching. 

(B): Have the client's daughter communicate information about the procedure? 

(C): use professional terminology when providing education prior to the procedure.

(D): identify the client's spoken dialect prior to contacting an interpreter

A nurse is working with a community health care team to devise strategies for preventing violence in the community. Which of the following interventions is an example of tertiary prevention? 

(A): Assessing for risk factors of intimate partner abuse during health examinations 

(B): Developing resources for victims of abuse 

(C): Urging community leaders to make nonviolence a priority 

(D): Presenting community education programs about stress management

A home health nurse is planning the Initial home visit for a client who has dementia and lives with his adult son's family. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first during the visit? 

(A): Engage the family in informal conversation. 

(B): Provide the family with information about respite care.

(C): Encourage the family to join a support group. 

(D): Educate the family regarding my progression of dementia.

A nurse Is planning a program about healthy eating at an elementary school where most students select French fries and pizza at lunch every day. Which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take first? 

(A): Provide students with resources about making vise choices independently. 

(B): Help students recognize the value of making healthy food choices 

(C): Give positive feedback to student's vino to make appropriate choices. 

(D): Determine Students' motivation to learn about healthy food choices.

A community health nurse as planning a smoking cessation class. Which of the following factors will have the greatest effect on the success of the class? 

(A): Clients' motivation

(B): Presenters credibility 

(C): Presenters teaching strategies 

(D): Clients' education level

A home health nurse manager is caring for a client who has methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? 

(A): Remove fresh flowers from the client's home. 

(B): Double bag soiled dressings in polyethylene bags. 

(C): wear a mask when within 3 feet of the client.

(D): Encourage the client to use a HEPA filter In the house.

A community health nurse is planning an educational program for a group of women who are postmenopausal. Which of the following outcomes is appropriate for this program? 

(A): Clients will schedule bone density screenings. 

(B): Clients will significantly decrease caloric intake. 

(C): Clients will start hormone replacement therapy. 

(D): Clients will arrange for mammograms every 3 years.

A nurse is serving on a state task force for disaster planning. The nurse is engaged in disaster preparedness efforts when performing which of the following actions? 

(A): implementing a disaster triage plan with a local medical facility 

(B): Assisting with the identification of a biological agent 

(C): Organizing a mass casualty drill for community members 

(D): Functioning as a Manager at a temporary shelter

A nurse is conducting a community assessment. Which of the following Information should the nurse include as part of a windshield survey? 

(A): housing quality

(B): informant interviews 

(C): Demographic data 

(D): Mortality rate

A nurse at a shelter is assisting with client triage after a tornado destroyed a community. Which of the following clients should receive priority care? 

(A): A school-age client who has a head abrasion 

(B): An older adult client who has a fractured arm 

(C): An adult Client who is short of breath 

(D): An infant client who is crying

A nurse is planning a primary prevention strategy for reducing obesity In a community. Which of the following strategies should the nurse use' 

(A): Encourage enrollment and attendance at weight-reduction programs. 

(B): Measure the BMI of older adults at a community senior center. 

(C): Distribute health-risk appraisal questionnaires at community functions. 

(D): Educate children at a daycare center about nutrition and exercise.

A nurse working in an Infectious disease clinic is caring for a client who has a new diagnosis of Lyme disease. Which of the following agencies is responsible for voluntarily reporting cases of this disease to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? 

(A): Office of the Surgeon General

(B): Local Red Cross chapter 

(C): State health department

(D): hospital infection control department

An occupational health nurse Is discussing health promotion with a client who has a history of obesity. Which of the following comments Indicates the client Is using rationalization as a coping mechanism? 

(A): I know you don't like me because I am obese ' 

(B): I am obese because it's in my genes." 

(C): I have difficulty resisting the items in vending machines.

(D): I have lots of health problems from being obese.

A nurse is caring for a client who is homeless. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? 

(A): Determine the clients understanding of her living situation. 

(B): assist the client to develop goals for obtaining shelter. 

(C): Develop client teaching using a variety of strategies. 

(D): Discuss the risks of being homeless with the client.

In the last month. three cases of tuberculosis have been referred to the Health Department. Which of the following is the priority Information for the community health nurse to obtain from each client? 

(A): Demographics 

(B): Health history 

(C): Household members 

(D): Occupation

A government official reports to the health department that an employee was possibly exposed to anthrax. Which of the following actions should a public health nurse take? 

(A): instruct the client to wear a mask at work.

(B): Refer coworkers who might have been exposed to a provider for prophylactic antibiotics 

(C): Place the employee under quarantine for 14 days. 

(D): Alert the family members of coworkers about than possible exposure to anthrax

A client arrives at a mental health clinic and tells the nurse that she has no purpose in life. Which of the following is the nurse's priority response? 

(A): Tell me what is going on with you right now.

(B): How long have you been feeling this way?

(C): Have you been thinking about harming yourself?

(D): Do you really think your life has no purpose?

During a home health visit. a school-age child who has muscular dystrophy confides In the nurse that he was struck by his parent. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? 

(A): Enroll the parent in anger management classes. 

(B): Refer the parent to a social service agency. 

(C): Check the child for injuries. 

(D): Report the incident to local authorities.

A faith-based organization asks a community health nurse to develop a mobile meal program for older adults who are no longer driving. Which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take first? 

(A): identify alternative solutions to address concerns. 

(B): inquire about the availability of volunteers. 

(C): Perform a needs assessment. 

(D): Determine potential funding sources for the program.

A first response team is working at the location of a bombing Incident. A nurse triaging a group of clients should give treatment priority to which of the following clients? 

(A): A client who has a femur fracture with a 2+ pedal pulse 

(B): A client who is ambulatory and exhibits manic behavior 

(C): A client who has a rigid abdomen with manifestations of shock 

(D): A client who has superficial partial-thickness burn injuries over 5% of his body

A nurse is preparing an educational program about breastfeeding for a group of new parents- The nurse should use which of the following instructional strategies to promote psychomotor learning? 

(A): Provide dolls for the participants to demonstrate positioning. 

(B): Snow the group a video On Breastfeeding techniques.

(C): Review flashcards that Identify holding techniques with the group.

(D): Facilitate a discussion group about the genets of breastfeeding.

A nurse is working to reduce Individual and family violence in the local community. which of the following actions by the nurse demonstrates a primary prevention strategy to achieve this goal? 

(A): Assessing a family for marital discord 

(B): Teaching parenting techniques to new parents 

(C): Conducting counseling for at-risk parents 

(D): Providing treatment for a young adult who has a substance use disorder

A nurse Is triaging clients who were Involved In a commuter train crash. Which of the following clients should the nurse choose for transport to the emergency department first? 

(A): A client who has a fracture of the humerus with a 2+ radial pulse in the affected arm 

(B): A client who has full thickness burn Injuries over 30% of his total body surface area 

(C): A client who IS exhibiting agonal respirations with fixed and dilated pupils 

(D): An ambulatory client who has a nosebleed and reports feeling dizzy

A community health nurse is working with a group of homeless veterans who have posttraumatic stress disorder. Which of the following interventions should the nurse implement? 

(A): Provide coffee and snacks during the meetings. 

(B): Teach the clients to practice deep breathing exercises. 

(C): Avoid discussing traumatic events experienced by the veterans. 

(D): Change the meeting sites frequently.

A nurse is providing education to the family of a school-age child who has pertussis. Which of the following information should the nurse include in the teaching? 

(A): The child is most contagious after the rash develops. 

(B): A dehumidifier should be placed beside the child's bed. 

(C): Transmission will be limited because of herd immunity. 

(D): Household contacts win receive prophylactic antibiotics.

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