1. Hepatocytes synthesize the primary bile acids from _______________carbohydratesproteinfat

  • cholesterol
  • 2. The center of every villus has a lymphatic capillary that is known as a _______________ that is important for absorption of _______________ molecules.
  • lacteal, protein
  • sinusoid, protein
  • lacteal, fat 
  • sinusoid, fat

  • 3. Acute mesenteric ischemia damages the intestinal mucosa and can eventually cause: 

  • peritonitis
  • malabsorption
  • rupture
  • appendicitis

  • 4. 
  1. The microvilli on the intestinal brush border contain what enzymes? 
  2. oligopeptides
  3. amino acids
  4. gastrin 
  5. amylase

  • 5. Cirrhosis and hepatitis can cause: 
  •  intrahepatic portal hypertension
  • posthepatic portal hypertension
  • prehepatic portal hypertension
  • aortic portal hypertension

  • 6. 
  1. Coffee increases the secretion of gastric acid 
  2.  True
  3.  False

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