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Amoxycillintramadolbudesonide( inhaler)paracetamolketoprofenoxycodonebisacodyl uspLatanoprostfurosemidesildenafil

  1. heparin
  2. lisinopril
  3. ventoline
  4. duloxetine
  5. fosfomycin
  6. clotrimazole (lotrison)
  7. Oxymetazoline (kovanaze)
  8. ofloxacine (octic solution)
  9. methotrexate
  10. insuline lispro injection

a.For each of the listed medication explain

  • Biochemical/ physiological effects ( method of action)
  • absorption process and time frame ( how is the drug administered and where)
  • the body system it effects

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Amoxycillin heparin tramadol budesonide( inhaler) paracetamol ketoprofen oxycodone bisacodyl usp Latanoprost furosemide sildenafil lisinopril...
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