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<br/><br/>1- A nurse is participating in an active , involved process

where the people, groups, and communities in the are are moving towards increased individual and community control, political efficacy, improved quality of community life, and social justice. The nurse is working towards:
a) Developing a healthy city
b) A lifestyle approach
c)Community empowerment
d)Community Stability

2- The Lalonde report introduced the 4 Health Fields, which stated that health is a product of lifestyle, biology, environment, and health care organizations. Which of these four fields came under criticism in more recent years for ignoring economic barriers to healthy choices?
a) healthcare organizations
b) lifestyle

3- A nurse asks participants to discuss what they perceive to be the most important health problem in their community. What community participatory tool is the nurse using ?
a) Present -Future drawing
b) online survey
c) Community needs matrix
d) Popular theater

4- The mission of the community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) is to:
a) Advocate for healthy public policy
b- provide cervices to vulnerable populations
c) Advance Practice and to improve the health of Canadians
d) Build capacity among community health nurses

5- Who delegates funding to Public Health in Canada?
a) Provincial and federal government
b) Federal government
C) Municipalities
D)Provincial and territories

6- You are a Community Health Nurse designing a monitoring and evaluation process for a new supervised injection service. what factors will increase the chances of success of your program monitoring and evaluation process?
a) I uses a Pre-determined approach that focuses on final report.
b) It is designed to be participatory from the begning
c) It uses quantitative processes
d) It utilizes conventional approaches to monitoring and evaluation

7- A nurse involved in political action to reduce homelessness by increasing the availibility of affordable housing. Which primary health care principle is the nurse utilizing?
a) Community and public participation
b) Accessibility and public participation
c) Social justice and equity
d) Legislative changes and social activism

8- A Community health nurse has been sent to a small rural community. The incidence of sexual transmitted infections (STIs) in the adolescent population is four times greater than in the surrounding communities. what is the best way for the nurse to engage key stakeholders in identifying the cause of the rate of STIs?
a) Meet with the formal leaders in the community
b) send a survey to the parent of adolescents
c)Hold a community forum open to all taxpayers
d) Hold small focus group meeting in the high school

9- Which stage of the Community Health nursing process is most often over looked?
a) Planning
b) Intervention
c) Evaluation
d) assessment

10- Which model dominated public health and political thinking about health during the time that the Canadian Medicare System was created in Saskatchewan?
a) Socio- environmental model
b) Healthy lifestyle model
c) Health promotion model
d) Biomedical model

11- You are working as a occupational health nurse to support health in a local factory. You know a settings approach is important to health promotion because:
a) It helps health promoters understand the dynamics of health issues in a particular location.
b) Social environments are a key determinant of health
c) All the above
d) Physical environments are a key determinant of health

12- Which of the following has a goal to protect the health of, and reduce negative consequences for, individuals who engage in high risk activities that are associated with poor health outcomes?
a) Health Promotion
b)Risk Communication
c) Harm reduction
d) Upstream approach

13- Which organization partners with others, uses scientific excellence, provides national leadership in response to health treats and empowers Canadians to improve their health?
a) Public health association of Canada
b) Canadian Nurses association
c) Ottawa Public Health
d) Public Health Agency of Canada

14- The goal of this area of Community Health Nursing id to provide self- care management and support for individuals and families living in the community and being monitored at home. These nurses provide a range of services, including triage of health issues, consultations, provision of advice, counseling, support and health education, and care coordination of chronic disease management.
a) Primary Health Care
b) Home Health Care
c)Telehealth Nursing
d) Outreach nursing

15- A nurse is working on a project aimed at addressing the effects of poverty on a community's health. Which primary health care value is being enacted in this scenario?
a) Collaboration
b) Socio- economic status
c) Social Justice
d) Health Promotion

16- A nurse is collecting qualitative as part o a community assessment to improve the local recycling program. What is the nurse most likely to be doing?
a) Distributing a multiple-choice questionnaire
b) Generating files of statistical data
c) Conducting a public meeting
d) Reviewing data in a birth registry

17- you have taken a job as a community health nurse in a northern Indigenous community. you know that understanding the dynamics of this is important to do your work. The dynamics of the community you need to consider include:
a) Geographical boundaries, resources and decision making
b) Communication, leadership and geagraphical boundaries
c)Geographical boundaries, resources and leadership
d) Communication, leadership and decision making

18- Who determines the funding model for home health nursing in Ontario
a)The Ontario Ministry of Health and long-term care
b)Public Health Agency of Canada
c)The Canada Home Health national committee
d) Private companies

19- The purpose of is to define the scope and depth of nursing practice in the community and establish expectations for acceptable, safe, and ethical nursing care:
a) Standard of practice for community health nursing
b) Blue print for action for community health nursing
c) Domains of practice for community health nursing
d) All of the above

20- You are designing a health promotion campaign on the issue of female drinking patterns in your community. you want to work one on one or with small groups and classes. Which Ottawa Chart for Health Promotion strategy would you be using?
a) Health Communication
b) Health education
c) inter- sectorial collaboration

21- The process of involving a community in the identification and strengthening of aspects of daily life, cultural life and political life, which support health, is :
a) Community empowerment
b)Community health nursing
c) Community development
d)Community engagement

22-Whic of the essential functions of public health is a public health nurse working when he/she works on programs to protect Canada's water supply and food from contamination?
a) Health surveillance
b) Health promotion
c) Population health assessment
d) Health protection

23- You are a group of nursing students working on a community project using the Community Health Promotion Model. Which of the following is true about the model?
a) The nursing Process and Primary health care are an integral part of the model
b) it uses a biological approach to promote the health of the population.
c) It incorporates strategies from Newman's model to guide community planing
d) It applies individual health promotion strategies to achieve community actions

24- You are a Public Health Nurse in Ottawa and working on issues of head injuries with winter sports. you are working on multiple strategies to address the issue. Which of the following examples of your work is an upstream- societal level example?
a) Health education modules on helmet safety
b) Developing policy on skating helmet safety
c) Providing information booths on the canal during the local winter celebrations
d) designing a poster campaign to promote safe winter sports

25- Population health promotion is the process of taking action on the interrelated conditions that a populations health to create healthy Changes. What are these conditions?
a) Healthy and non- Healthy behaviors of the population
b) The Political Powers that influence health
c) The physical determinants of health
d) The social Determinants of health

26- Which of the following health tips for better health is most consistent with the Social Determinants of Health?
a) Don't smoke
b) Don't live in damp, low-quality housing
c) Practice safe sex
d) Keep Physical activity

27- A number of important health conferences happened that influenced the evolution of health promotion and our health care system. Which social determinant of health has been repeatedly identified in these conferences as the greatest threat to health?
a) Race
b) Health behavior
c) Poverty
d) Physical environment

28- Which of the following is not an action area of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion?
a) Develop personal skills
b) Conduct a need assessment
c) Build health policy
d) Re- orient health services

29- The competencies for Home Health Nursing Place a strong emphasis on the highly independent and autonomous, flexible, and adaptive nature or home health nursing in the context of :
a) Being the expert in the home
b) Being the most qualified health professional in the home
c) being a guest in the home

30- You are working as a PHN on the school team. The principle of the local school tells you that there is an increased number of students vaping in bathrooms. The principle asks you to do assessment. The purpose of your assessment is to conduct a/ an :
a) Problem investigation
b) Environmental assessment
c) Needs assessment
d) Evaluation of the school

31- What activity is an example of a community health nurse working at the individual level?
a) Providing school education services
b) Developing a web-based community resource guide
c) Providing immunization in a travel clinic
d) Engaging in consultation about healthy public policy

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1- A nurse is participating in an active , involved process where the people, groups, and communities in the are are moving towards increased...
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