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Chap 23—Quality Control in Creating a Culture of Safety

  1. What is quality control and what is its importance to healthcare?
  2. Describe the functions of management as it relates to quality improvement.
  3. What criteria define Effective Quality Control programs?
  4. Define the three steps associated with the Quality Control Process?
  5. Define the steps in auditing Quality Control
  6. What are the standards associated with Quality Control?
  7. What role does the ANA play in quality control?
  8. Define Benchmarking and its role in an organization's approach to quality control/improvement
  9. What is a Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?
  10. Name three standardized nursing measures—what do they measure and how does this contribute to quality control?
  11. What are the nursing-sensitive outcomes? Give 3 examples.
  12. What are clinical practice guidelines and what does EBP have to do with them?
  13. Define Quality Assurance and its evolution to Quality Improvement—what is the difference?
  14. What are the main features of the Total Quality Management (TQM) system?
  15. Why is the Toyota Production System (TPS) valuable as a tool for healthcare quality?
  16. The Joint Commission (TJC) has much to say about quality improvement in healthcare. Define and name TJC Core Measures
  17. TJC—National Patient Safety Goals---name 3 current NPSGs
  18. Define and describe the role of TJC in accreditation of healthcare facilities
  19. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)—how do their standards influence healthcare outcomes?
  20. What is the mnemonic HEDIS? What is its mandate for healthcare quality?
  21. What is the mnemonic HCHAPS? What does it measure that is important to patient care?
  22. What is the "Just Culture" system and how does it work to decrease medical errors?
  23. Define strategies to prevent medical errors—name examples of errors that have been addressed
  24. What are Leapfrog Initiatives?
  25. What is the Six Sigma Approach and its relationship to quality improvement?

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Chap 23Quality Control in Creating a Culture of Safety What is quality control and what is its importance to healthcare? Describe the functions of
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