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What are the 5 rights of delegation—give an example for each

  1. Describe differences between RN and PN scope of practice—including medications
  2. Name and describe prioritization principles in client care
  3. Define components of emotional intelligence—provide a strategy to help become proficient in each area
  4. Define the decision-making process for determining the outcome of an ethical/moral dilemma—use an example to illustrate
  5. Define the criteria needed to meet the definition of malpractice/professional negligence—use an example to illustrate
  6. What are components of advocacy as practiced by nurses?
  7. Name 3 ways to avoid HIPAA violations
  8. Give an example of how shared governance can benefit nursing practice
  9. Name 5 nurse-sensitive indicators—why are these important to nursing practice?
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What are the 5 rights of delegationgive an example for each Describe differences between RN and PN scope of practiceincluding medications Name and
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