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Jil's Last Day -Watch video 10.5 minutes:

Read article that goes with the video:

Questions to answer in paragraph form - word document. Can just add to this document, save, and upload.

1.      Identify and describe the stage(s) of grief you observed for Jill and her husband. Provide specific examples.

2.      Research the California law. Define the law as it relates to the nursing role. Research and provide a list of other states that have similar laws. Be prepared to discuss in post conference as well.

3.      Identify a nursing diagnosis with appropriate interventions (3-5) with a SMART goal for Jill or Jill's husband. Fill out the format below. Provide reference for your rationale and interventions (when applicable)

4.      Be prepared to discuss your personal view on end-of-life option and what your professional role is as a nurse during post conference. Keep in mind this is a very sensitive topic, discussion should be professional. Your view will not necessary be the same as your peers. Please remain respectful.

Nursing Diagnoses: _____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


Priority Nursing Diagnosis and Rationale: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SMART goal/outcome


Pertinent RN Interventions with discussion on how the intervention progresses toward your SMART goal.                   






Reference list:



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Jil's Last Day - Watch video 10.5 minutes:
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