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Current Public Health Awareness Issue

Objective: Identify current public health awareness issues and the role of the community health nurse to address the issue.

Current Public Health Awareness Issue (10 points)

1.    Identify a current public health awareness issue. [4 points]

2.    Identify a scholarly nursing journal article to support this issue. [2 points]

o   Author must be a Registered Nurse

o   Publication must be within 5 years

o   Document reference using

3.    Describe the interventions identified to address this issue. [4 points]

4.    Post assignment on Discussion Board.

Peer Response (10 points)

1.    Respond to 2 peers on Discussion Board. [2 points]

2.    Explain the role of the community/public health nurse in addressing this issue. [4 points]

3.    Evaluate the interventions and make recommendations to successfully address this issue. [4 points]

Advocacy Letter (5 points)

1.    Generate an advocacy letter to policy makers supporting the information gleaned from the current public health awareness issue you identified. [5 points]

2.    Attach the advocacy letter with your discussion post using the attach option.

3.    Sample Advocacy Letter.docx


How to search for a Registered Nurse author:

Go the Marian University Library

You can only narrow the search for a Registered Nurse author via a search in CINAHL (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site..

·      Go to the CINAHL Database (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

·      Insert your search term(s) into the CINAHL search box

·      BEFORE clicking the green search box, scroll down a bit and on the right hand side are two links.

1.    One says First Author is a Nurse

2.    Second says Any Author is a Nurse

1.    You only want to select one OR the other, not both options.

2.    First Author is Nurse - means the Nurse was the lead or primary author

·      Any Author is a Nurse - means the Nurse contributed to the study/article/research but was not the lead author, but still an author.

·      Attached is a screenshot for further clarification.  NurseAuthor

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Current Public Health Awareness Issue Objective:Identify current public health awareness issues and the role of the community healthnurse to address...
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