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Nursing Concepts 102     Flip Assignment Chapter 12 and 131.      Describe the Ethical Theory:

2.      Give a summary of the history of nursing ethics:

3.      What are the four levels of nursing ethics?

4.      Define-nonmaleficence, justice, autonomy, beneficence, Nonmaleficence and justice:

5.      Describe the Crescendo effect in Chapter 12:

Chapter 13

6.      What is information literacy?

7.      Health informatics is the study of? How is it useful in nursing?

8.      Explain the importance of evidence-based practice:

9.      What are some recommendations for the nurse to consider when implementing an evidence-based project?

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Nursing Concepts 102Flip Assignment Chapter 12 and 13 1.Describe the Ethical Theory: 2.Give a summary of the history of nursing ethics: 3.What are
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