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the Career Planner Guide, develop a
philosophy statement, long and short term professional goals for a Family Nurse Practitioner
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   Stella Nwamaka Nzeadibe
                                                                            16618 cobbler crossing Drive Sugar land TX 77498
                                                                         Phone # (832-693-4126)
Objective: To complete practicum experience of Women's health (OB) with better understanding of care and management of pregnancy and post-partum.
1988-High school - Government collage Umuahia. (Nigeria).
1992-school of Nursing -Ahmadu Bello (A.B.U) University School of nursing Zaria Nigeria.
1994-school of midwifery Aba Abia state (Maternal and child health).
Bachelor's Degree (BSN) Grand Canyon University Phoenix Arizona (2015-2016).
MS Family Nurse Practitioner -Walden University (present)

  Job experiences
2004-Pesent BSN, RN Director of nursing (DON/ Clinical care manager: Exceptional Healthcare services Sugar-land TX: As needed: Assessing diagnosing and suggesting treatment options with physicians for individuals with various acute and chronic illnesses in Skilled Nursing and homes. Highly experience in patient comprehensive assessment, patient Triage .Oasis data submission, and Patient admission. Patient transfers, patient recertification, Reassessment and discharge. Excellent communication and coordination of patients care with physicians and other health care professional as need be. Staff training, home visits, care of patient with co-morbidities. Care of patient with Intravenous infusion. Central -line care. I.M injection, blood sugar check, patient Vital signs, Lab draws, obtain urine for U/A/ texts. Subcutaneous injection. Bi-pap. Tracheostomy care Feeding Tubes. Foley catheter insertion and care, NG tubes. Wound care wound Vac. Make rounds with visiting physicians in patient's homes. Conference calls with physicians and other disciplines in patient care and management. Involved in patient care. Participates in State surveys.

 (2016-present): BSN, RN Epic healthcare 713-575-2000.   Working as a pediatric nurse with variety of functions typical of a staff nurse. Comprehensive patient's assessment and reporting and coordination of patients care with the physician and nursing supervisor on duty. I am experienced in all aspects of patient care and proficient with skills necessary to provide care for patients across all life span.

2017-2018 BSN, RN Case manager 11 Memorial Hermann health system 281-292-4550. As a (case manager 11) Duties include comprehensive patient assessment, case conference, coordination of care, admissions, transfers, resumption of care and discharges from agency. Total care of tracheostomy G -tube feeding, J tubes colostomy, wound care, wound V.A.C. IV therapy and antibiotic therapy. Blood sugar testing, vital signs, blood pressure monitoring temperature pulse and pulse ox. Able to determine and know when patient needs emergency care. Catheter care. Supervision of other employee.

2004-2006: Triumph hospital ICU. Took care of patients with different diagnosis and staff training.

2000-2004: RN Nurse Manager (West Houston Medical Center): Skilled Nursing, Med/Surge and Telemetry. Worked as a telemetry nurse with verity of functions typical of a telemetry unite and cardiac patients. Worked as a unite manager in supervisory role along with staff duties in Rehab unit. Also worked as a float nurse.
1995-2000: held various nursing positions in a variety of settings including; Staff nurse, Nursing supervisor, case manager in nursing homes, home health agency and assisted living.

Licensing / certification: licensed by TX Board of Nursing as a Registered board certified Nurse with BSN. BLS, ACLS certified. OASIS certified.
Skills: computer literate, internet savvy, proficient in all aspects of clinical skills needed to perform as a registered nurse.
References: Furnished upon request

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Using the Career Planner Guide, develop a philosophy statement, long and short term professional goals for a Family Nurse Practitioner THIS IS DUE AT...
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