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Hi can you help me to solve case study please?

Genevieve Graduated as an RPN 6 months ago and has started working on a busy complex care floor. She has been working with Amil, a PSW, for the last 5 months and he has been a Personal Support Worker for 10 years. They work well together. One day Genevieve is overwhelmed with administering medication, and asks Amil if he would mind checking on Lucy, a young patient who is ringing the call bell. Genevieve tells him that Lucy probably needs to be suctioned and to suction if he believes Lucy needs suctioning. Genevieve reflects and thinks it has been a while since she was last in Lucy's room.

Can Amil give Lucy a quick suction if she needs it? He has seen it performed before on many occasions on the unit, but has never actually done the task himself.

Please answer the following Questions.

1. Who are the three persons involved?

2. Is the procedure stated delegated or assigned?

3. Explain the reason for your answer?

4. What responsibilities does the CNO state the RPN has when deciding to delegate a task to a Personal Support Worker? Relate this to the scenario provided?

5. Did or did not the RPN in the scenario follow what the CNO said?

6. As an RPN if you were in this scenario, what would you have done differently?

7. In the scenario was the newly graduated registered practical nurse ready to delegate to the Personal support worker?

8. Who can delegate to a personal support worker?

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Hi can you help me to solve case study please?
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