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Question 1. Complete the case scenarios Dewitt's fundamental concepts and skills for nursing 5th 


(A)Case scenario A

 As a student, you have several tasks to complete. There is an Anatomy and physiology test in 4 days. You just collected the library materials you need for a comprehensive paper due in 1 week. A 50-page reading assignment needs to be completed for a lecture the day after tomorrow.

1. How would you organize to accomplish these tasks?

2. In what order of priority would you place each of these tasks? Explain why you placed each task in the order chosen.

(B) Case Scenario B

Your clinical area does not have sphygmomanometers (blood pressure cuffs) on the wall by each patient; portable one are used. You need to take 8am vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration rate, and blood pressure) quickly, and there is no portable unit available right now. How would you solve this problem?

(C) Case Scenario C

Your clinical assignment is for

M.H, age 72; diagnosis: pneumonia

F.S age 52; diagnosis: leg ulcer

J.P, age 78; diagnosis; abdominal hernia repair

1.          It is 9:45 am. If J.P needs to be ambulated three times a day, M.H needs his antibiotic given at 10 am, and F.S needs her dressing changed this morning, in what order would you do these tasks?

2.           How did you make this decision?

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Question 1. Complete the case scenarios Dewitt's fundamental concepts and skills for nursing 5 th Edition (A)Case scenario A As a student, you have
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