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CASE STUDY 2: ​The nurse educator wants to develop an...


​The nurse educator wants to develop an educational activity to promote retention of medical terminology for first-year nursing students. Previous students frequently complain the material is dull, repetitious, and hard to remember, yet the material is required for successful outcomes. The nurse educator is already taking a flipped classroom approach to the material, asking the students to review the textbook and corresponding flashcards prior to entering the classroom so that an active, hands-on activity may occur. 


1.​Which teaching method is appropriate for the content?


B.​Group discussion/chat.



2.​Which are primary concerns when designing educational activities using gaming? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY.)

A.​Is there enough time, interest, or money to develop or purchase the game?

B.​Is the intended learner developmentally similar to children who enjoy play?

C.​Is the game purposeful in meeting learning objectives?

D.​Will there be enough participants to play the game appropriately?

E. Do the learners have computer skills?

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