can you reply on my work. What are your concerns or fears about mental health nursing in general?
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can you reply on my work.What are your concerns or fears about mental health nursing in general?A

  •  I do not have any fears about mental health nursing. However, my only concern that I have, and I thought about this a lot, is not being able to give the patient what it is they truly need. Sometimes communication may not be as clear due to patient not being able to correctly verbalize what it is they need or communication may be taking out of context. 
  • re you interested in mental health nursing, or do you approach the topic with some anxiety? I am interested in mental health. I want to work with the pediatric population. I do not have any anxiety about the topic, I take care of mental health patients in my current role as CMA/PCT. 
  • What do you feel are essential aspects of a good nurse-client relationship? Working in healthcare for so many years, I have learned that honesty, open communication and allowing the patient to vent their frustrations, helps develop a good rapport with your patients. Being empathetic, and not dismissing their feelings. 
  • Please include an example of how you established good rapport and a good professional relationship with a patient in the work or clinical setting. What nonverbal and verbal techniques did you use in this relationship? I work in the observation unit, so most of my patients stay between one day or several days. To make them feel comfortable and important, I asked them how they're feeling, or I ask about their children or grandchildren. By doing this we develop a trusting relationship. I treat my patient as if I would like someone to treat my family members if they were in the hospital. Being kind to people will take you far in your career. Patients will tell your manager. "hey I like her, she was so nice to me". Remebering something small about them like their pets name, makes them feel like they are not just "another patient". By the end of their stay I receive thank you cards and sometimes hugs. Especially with mental health patients, they are often missing that compassion and empathy. 

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