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please answer this quiz. please check the ones that are the answers...

please answer this quiz. please check the ones that are the answers on the attached quiz

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Please highlights the answers thanks 1. Antihypertensives cure hypertension? (Points : 2) True False Question 2.2. Ineffectiveness of antibiotics is related to (Points : 2) saving some of the medication for future infections reading and properly taking the medication careful selection of the antibiotic listening to the pharmacist about proper administration. Question 3.3. Which of the following is NOT true about drug resistance with antibiotics? (Points : 2) Only a few antimicrobials promote the emergence of drug-resistant drugs. Antibiotics should be used discriminately with viral infections Drugs that interfere with the normal immune system may cause superinfections Inappropriate use of drugs will increase the resistance of normal flora, making them possible pathogens. Question 4.4. There are different ways to classify penicilins. Which of the following is NOT a way to classify penicillins? (Points : 2) time of action generation broad-spectrum narrow-spectrum Question 5.5. Which of the following is a sign that a patient may be allergic to the antibiotics they are taking? (Points : 2) upset stomach rash and urticarial blurred vision kidney failure Question 6.6. Penicillin is considered bactericidal because (Points : 2) it strengthens cells walls. it causes the pathogen cells to shrink. it enhances cell reproduction. it weakens cell walls, causing lysis Question 7.7. Indiscriminate laxative use may lead to (Points : 2) increase urine output loss of sodium heart burn
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