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See attached files.Select the etiology for a female patient with the nursing diagnosis of acute confusion?

a.         Disorientation

b.         Sleep Deprivation

c.         Agitation

d.         Hallucinations

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A female patient is seeking health care for headaches. The RN asks: “What happened to the area around your right eye?” The pt answered: “ I will tell you if you don’t tell my spouse.” How does the RN initially respond? a . “It looks like someone punched you in the eye." b . “Don’t worry; your health information is conFdential.” c . “I would like to help you; please share with me what happened." d . “If you are a victim of violence, the police will be notiFed." During the health history, what is the Frst question for an RN to ask in regard of a patient beliefs and value? a . Do you believe in the power of prayer?” “What is your religious a±liation?” b . c . d . “Do you want us to contact your spiritual advisor to help you and your family?” Question 20 What is the most accurate method for the RN to obtain a dietary history on a 4-year-old child? a . Have the child identify favorite foods, drinks, and snacks. b . Ask the child to report all the food eaten yesterday. c . Ask the parent to recall food eaten by the child in a 24 hour period. d . Have the parent describe a typical family meal and usual snacks consumed.
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With an ejection fraction of 24%, a patient with a medical diagnostic of cardiomyopathy is having a sudden onset of heart palpitations. Critical vital signs are: blood pressure 90/60; heart rate 165. Which additional assessment enhances the cluster of cues to communicate to the physician/provider? a. Recent loss of appetite. b. Capillary reFll less than 3 seconds. c. Tenting of skin fold. d. Crackles at lung bases. A female is pregnant, in her 20th week. Select all signs that warrant further investigation of pregnancy? Select all that apply . a. Blood pressure 146/90. b. Swollen ankles. c.Scant vaginal bleeding. d. Weight gain of 1 pound (0.45 kg) per week. e. Stress incontinence. Select the assessment Fnding in a male patient with an acute exacerbation of asthma that warrants immediate focus by the RN? a. Harsh unproductive cough. b. Wheezing in all lung Felds. c. Inspiration longer than expiration. d. Silent breath sounds. A client is sweating, having tremors, tachycardia, irritable and having visual hallucinations of crawling worms into the room. What might the RN consider as a possible cause of the signs and symptoms? a. Parkinson’s disease dementia. b. Alcohol withdrawal delirium c. Traumatic brain injury. d. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.Alcohol withdrawal delirium.
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A female patient is seeking health care for headaches. The RN asks: 'What happened to the area around your right eye?' The pt answered: ' I will tell...
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