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QUESTION 6 Your patient has an elevated WBC and a serious...


  1. Your patient has an elevated WBC and a serious infection. How will this affect the patient's iron status?
  2. iron status becomes toxic
  3. the infection does not affect iron status
  4. its harder to assess iron status
  5. its easier to assess iron status

2 points  


  1. Poor fruit and vegetable consumption is one of the 12 leading indicators for Healthy People 2020.
  2.  True
  3.  False

2 points  


  1. Plaques formed in the arteries will result in _______________________________
  2. dementia, heart attack, kidney failure
  3. heart attack, stroke, loss of limb
  4. stroke, swallowing disorders, obesity
  5. stroke, heart attack, hypertension

2 points  


  1. In the oxidative theory for the mode of action for vitamin E, lipid peroxidation is the final step. 
  2.  True
  3.  False

2 points  


  1. Loss of total body muscle mass in seniors can be measured by _________________and __________________.
  2. calf circumference, mid-upper-arm circumference
  3. waist circumference, hip circumference
  4. waist circumference, mid-upper-arm circumference
  5. calf circumference, thigh circumference

2 points  


  1. The DASH diet is based on diets rich in ____________________.
  2. Mg, K, B12
  3. Mg, Fe, Ca
  4. Ca, Ph, Fe
  5. Mg, Ca, K

2 points  


  1. In addition to cancer, un-explained weight loss can be caused by __________________. Seniors with no teeth represent _______________% of seniors.
  2. poor oral health, 14-48%
  3. dehydration, 24-75%
  4. over-hydration, 50-75%
  5. sores in the mouth, 10-25%

2 points  


  1. What factor do you multiply the RMR if the senior is considered low active to determine total calorie needs?
  2. 1.0 - 1.4 
  3. 1.9 - 2.5
  4. 1.4 -1.6
  5. 1.6 - 1.9

2 points  


  1. According to the book, at the current rate, Medicare expenses will have __________________ from 2011 to 2020.
  2. almost doubled
  3. almost tripled
  4. reduced in half
  5. reduced 1/4th

2 points  


  1. What screening tool would you use to detect the loss of cognitive function in older persons? 
  2. EEM
  3. MEE
  4. STE
  5. MME

2 points  


  1. Your 85 Y/O patient has been diagnosed with pneumonia, you recommend a diet containing _____________ and a protein intake of ___________________.
  2. 20 kcal/kg/bw, .8g/kg/bw
  3. 30 kcal/kg/bw, 1.5g/kg/bw
  4. 50 kcal/kg/bw, .8 gm/kg/bw
  5. 30 kcal/lb/ibw, 1.5g/lb/ibw

2 points  


  1. After having part of the esophagus removed from cancer, the ideal diet to prescribe is low in fat, moderate protein and nutrient dense.
  2.  True
  3.  False

2 points  


  1. You are trying to increase the cultural acceptability of a health program you are teaching for a group of Vietnamese seniors. Which is not a factor to increase acceptability:
  2. be sensitive to financial status
  3. be sensitive to religious beliefs
  4. be sensitive to existing positive diet patterns
  5. be sensitive to cultural foods

2 points  


  1. High blood pressure that occurs with kidney disease is called ________________hypertension.
  2. primary
  3. secondary
  4. tertiary
  5. quantinary 

2 points  


  1. Alzheimer's disease is one of the top 3 causes of death in seniors older than 65.
  2.  True
  3.  False

2 points  


  1. To remember the four primary components of nutritional assessment we use the mneumonic ABCD where B stands for:
  2. body mass components
  3. biological components
  4. biometric components
  5. biochemical parameters

2 points  


  1. Title IIIC of OAA offers congregate meals in community centers for seniors. OAA stands for ________________and congregate meals provide _______________of daily nutrients and calories for these seniors participating. 
  2. Older Aging Act, 60-70%
  3. Older Americans Act, 40-50%
  4. Older Aging Act, 50-60%
  5. Older Acting Americans, 40-50%

2 points  


  1. Your grandfather is concerned he will develop GERD, you instruct him to lose weight and _________________________.
  2. eat less fat
  3. stop smoking
  4. eat more green vegetables
  5. chew peppermint gum

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