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Microsoft Powershell Setup A.     create 2 new unix users...

Microsoft Powershell Setup

A.     create 2 new unix users (your choice of UID) wolverine & sparty

B.     Create 2 new groups (your choice of GUID) maize & green

C.     Assign the users their respective groups. i,e. wolverine, maize

*** note: the users must end up have a complete list of the games played (won or lost)

*** This should all be done in a loop **

**** This program should be written in such a way that will update every week... I.e., if you had a whole season of scores rather than merely 3 weeks worth. ****

1) Create loop and read in the attached text file

2) Read the scores by school and determine if MSU or Michigan won or lost

3) Have the user (wolverine or sparty) put in the correct score into their own win file 

    - if the wolverines win, have user put the score into the win file

                ** wolverine adds score to broncos/win.txt

                ** wolverines win over broncos 55-10 **

    - if the wolverines encounter a loss, that the sparty user put the score in the loss file

               ** wolverines lose to fightingIrish 24-17 **

               ** sparty adds score to fightingIrish/win.txt

                                 NOTE: you must change the permission on the file in order to write to it

  *** the file permission switching must be done in separate script ***

      if wolverine lose sparty calls permission script to alter the appropriate folder(s).

 4) please zip contents of wolverines and sparty directories      

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