1) Health and Sciense Discussion Resources for Success For this unit's Discussion Board, you are going to review your degree program and electives...
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I have 2 discussions one of them is health science the other discussion

is management. if you have knowledge in that area please let me know. thank you. 

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1) Health and Sciense Discussion Resources for Success For this unit’s Discussion Board, you are going to review your degree program and electives and then share a resource you found to support your success in one or more of these courses. Before you complete the Discussion, be sure you have thoroughly reviewed the Reading page to review the course catalog and your degree program. You will need to do this in order to complete this week’s Discussion. Follow the instructions in the Reading for reviewing your degree plan from your KU Portal. For this Discussion choose two required courses from your degree program and one possible elective from the catalog. Read the course descriptions prior to answering the questions below. How do the selected courses support your career goals and contribute to preparing you for your chosen profession? Support your response with information you researched in Units 1–4. How many total credit hours are included in your degree plan? Of the courses in your degree plan, which ones do you expect to be the most challenging and why? Now that you have identified an area that will be most challenging to you, please visit the KU Library via the link on your KU home page or in the Course Home. Find an article or resource that will help you prepare for this upcoming challenge, and share that resource with the class on the Discussion Board by writing an annotation. Use this document as a guide for how to write an annotation (examples are on the last page): https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/DocumentStore/Docs11/pdf/WC/ann otated_bib_nov2011.pdf This will give you some practice for the Unit 6 Assignment, and you may be able to use the resource you find for that Assignment.
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2) Management Discussion Topic Scenario: Dalman and Lei have decided to meet a venture capital group in New York to discuss the possibility of internal expansion of Sandwich Blitz, Inc., and to find out if acceptable financing can be arranged. Dalman has always been the one who could voice the Sandwich Blitz vision. He has usually been the visible “voice” for the company while Lei has usually worked behind the scenes to handle financial matters. They are both worried in this situation. Dalman is afraid that he lacks the financial background to satisfy these financiers. Lei is afraid that she might not have the marketing skills needed to convince this group of the unique capabilities of Sandwich Blitz. Refer to your unit readings, particularly the section about leading and managing. Then address the following questions. In your judgment, what is Sandwich Blitz more in need of in this situation: a manager or a leader? What is the difference between the two? How would you resolve this dilemma if you were Dalman or Lei?
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