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please help me to do the power point for the Operation management.

I need the factors for determining the locations and the four locations (Overland Park, KS; Boulder, CO; The Woodlands, TX; and Murfreesboro, TN) in the power point.
they are in the Memo 2 in attached file.

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MEMO 1 FROM: XYZ Manufacturing Consulter Firm TO: Dr. Willis Mwangola Subject: Manufacturing Location Decision Date: March 1, 2017 We at XYZ Manufacturing Consulting, Kyle Hayes, Loc Nguyen and Nicholas Zimmerman, have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing consulting and usually target performance improvements and proper manufacturing strategy for our clients. We understand that the focus of numerous manufacturing firms is to maintain high quality and reduced costs which is important for manufacturing organizations today (Ellram, Tate, & Petersen, 2013). As a consulting firm, we search to develop strategies that will help firms in developing strategic decisions based on setting up manufacturing processes and operations as well as line improvement. Our company is here to assist in the recommendation process of new manufacturing location for the expansion of 4M. It is clear that 4M manufacturing is seeking to expand operations into new market locations. The expansion to new locations will be critical in expanding the overall manufacturing capacity and overall sales of the company, which is important to the success of the company. Your company has gained success from its operations in Lima, OH. The expansion of manufacturing plants to new locations and areas are critical to promote and expand to new plants and markets. However, with need to expand its business and gain significant success, the company will need to evaluate the various locations for new plants including Overland Park, KS; Boulder, CO; The Woodlands, TX; and Murfreesboro, TN. When determining a new location for a manufacturing plant you must look at several factors. First is the location, which will determine future additions and expansion of the facility for even further growth, access to materials and transportation. Second, the costs incurred from the purchase of property, taxes, and labor costs. The most important selection criterion is the proximity to potential markets. This important factor will ensure that the new location has access to larger markets. The four locations under consideration have different market access
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MEMO 2 (McIvor, 2013). However, the most important selection factor will be the location with the highest market potential for the manufacturing company. While considering the four locations, we will endeavor to review the regional, communicating and site considerations. The regional factors include the labor availability, the location of the overall markets, the access to raw materials, availability of utilities, government policies and climate and tax policies. The attractiveness of the regional environment includes taxes, climate, and cultural aspects. Such regional factors and consideration are important, as they would influence the performance and productivity of new plants. We will also rely on the community considerations including the quality of life, attitudes, taxes, developer support, and environmental policies and regulations among others. It is because the community considerations and factors are critical in supporting the location of sites, which is useful. The site related factors include legal, land, transportation, and environmental factors (Tate, Ellram, Schoenherr, & Petersen, 2014). Based on these considerations, we will be able to make good recommendations on the best site locations for the new manufacturing plants and sites. These considerations are necessary in understanding the best location to set up the new manufacturing plants for growth of 4M manufacturing company. In the current location of Lima, Ohio, is located 92 miles from Columbus, Ohio and has a population of 38,265. The median household income is 34,000 and an estimated home value of 73,000 [Cit14] . The Lima plant is located near a major plant of Procter & Gamble, as well as a number of other similar prospective customers. The cities that are under consideration for the new facility are Overland Park, KS; Boulder, CO; The Woodlands, TX; and Murfreesboro, TN. Overland Park, KS is located approximately 11 miles outside of Kansas City, KS with the highest population of 184,525 and is second in housing costs [Cit14] . In comparison with other site locations, Kansas has a better environment including favorable taxes and community support. The city also has access to multiple highways for lower transportation costs. The local Chambers of Commerce and relevant local governments in Overland Park, Kansas are critical in promoting the expansion of businesses (McIvor, 2013). In addition, Overland Park is close to at least two
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MEMO 1 FROM: XYZ Manufacturing Consulter Firm TO: Willis Mwangola Subject: Manufacturing Location Decision Date: March 1, 2017 We at XYZ...
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