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Unit III Assignment You receive a document (linked below) by certified

mail. After reading the document, prepare a response that summarizes the approach you would take to the citations and penalties that have been proposed. Be sure to include the following in your response:
 steps you are required to take,
 options available to you,
 contacts you would make, and
 documentation necessary to respond to the citations and penalties.
Your response must be a minimum of two pages in length, using at least one reference. All sources must be cited and areference provide using APA style.Click here to access the OSHA citation document for this assignment.Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below

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ABSTRACT-1 DIRECTIVE NUMBER: CPL 02-00-159 EFFECTIVE DATE: October 1, 2015 SUBJECT: Field Operations Manual (FOM) ABSTRACT Purpose: To provide OSHA offices, State Plan programs and federal agencies with policy and procedures concerning the enforcement of occupational safety and health standards. Also, this instruction provides current information and ensures occupational safety and health standards are enforced with uniformity. Scope: OSHA-wide. References: Advance Notice of Inspections, 29 Code of C.F.R. §1903.6; Policy Regarding Employee Rescue Activities, 29 C.F.R. §1903.14(f); Abatement Verification, 29 C.F.R. §1903.19; Reporting Fatalities and Multiple Hospitalization Incidents, 29 C.F.R. §1904.39; Housing for Agricultural Workers, 20 C.F.R. Part 654, Subpart E; CPL 02-00-153, Communicating OSHA Fatality Inspection Procedures to a Victim’s Family, April 17, 2012. Cancellations: OSHA Instruction CPL 02-00-150, Field Operations Manual, issued April 22, 2011; OSHA CPL 02-02-007 , CH-1, Removal of Obsolete Sections, June 3, 1985. State Impact: Notice of Intent and Equivalency required. See Section VI. Action Offices: National, Regional, and Area Offices. Originating Office: Directorate of Enforcement Programs (DEP). Contact: Director, Office of General Industry and Agricultural Enforcement U.S. Department of Labor – OSHA 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Room N-3119 Washington, DC 20210 202-693-1850 By and Under the Authority of David Michaels, PhD, MPH Assistant Secretary
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ABSTRACT-2 Executive Summary This instruction provides current information and guidance to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) national, regional, and area offices concerning OSHA’s policy and procedures for implementing inspections, issuing citations and proposing penalties. Significant Changes for 2015 Update Table of Contents section is revised. References section is revised. Revised language in Chapter 1 Section VI., referring to State Plan Impact language . Added language associated with OSHA Strategic Partnerships (OSPs) in Chapter 2 Section VI., Programmed Inspections. Deleted the bullet for OSHA Strategic Partnerships in Chapter 2 under Section VI., Programmed Inspections . Deleted language relating to Site Specific Targeting (SST) Program in Chapter 2. Added language related to Workplace Violence in Chapter 3 Section II., Inspection Planning . Added language related to the Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirements – NAICS Update and Reporting Revisions in Chapter 3 Section V.A.6., Chapter 4 Section I.C., Chapter 6 Section X.D., Chapter 11 Section II.N.3., and Chapter 13 Section I.D.1.c. Added language related to Safety Incentive Programs in Chapter 3 Section VI., Review of Records . Revised language relating to Walkaround Representatives in Chapter 3 Section VII., Walkaround Inspections . Deleted language relating to OSHA Data Initiative (ODI) Data Review in Chapter 3. Revised language related to Repeated Violations from three to five years in Chapter 4 Section VII., Obtaining Inspection History . Revised AVD language for Repeated Violations in Chapter 4 Section VII.G.5. Restore the “Reserved” paragraphs in Chapter 4 Section XI., Health Standards Violations . Revised OSHA Penalty Policy in Chapter 6 Section III., Penalty Adjustment Factors . Revised language to time limitation and final order in Chapter 6 Section III., Penalty Adjustment Factors . Added new Penalty Comparison Chart in Chapter 6 Section III., Penalty Adjustment Factors . Deleted language to OSHA Strategic Partnerships in Chapter 6 Section III., Penalty Adjustment Factors . Revised Debt Collection Section in Chapter 6, Adjustment to Payments . Revised Debt Collection Section in Chapter 6, Depositing Payments . Added Debt Collection Control Flowchart in Chapter 6, Debt Collection . Added language in Chapter 8 Section I., Settlement of Cases by Area Director .
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U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration Denver Commons Office Plaza 111 Main St., Suite 111 Denver, CO 11111 Phone: (111) 111-1111 FAX: (222) 222-2222 Citation and Notification of Penalty To: Inspection Number: 111111111 Acme Widget Factory Inspection Date(s): 04/15/2015-04/16/2015 and its successors Issuance Date: 08/21/2015 1 Factory Lane Inglewood, CO 11111-1111 Inspection Site: The violation(s) described in this citation and 1 Factory Lane Notification of Penalty is (are) alleged to have Inglewood, CO 11111-1111 occurred on or about the day(s) the inspection was made unless otherwise indicated within the description given below. This Citation and Notification of Penalty (this citation) describes violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The penalty(ies) listed herein is (are) based on these violations. You must abate the violations referred to in this citation by the dates listed, and pay the penalties proposed unless, within 15 working days (excluding weekends and federal holidays) from your receipt of this Citations and Notification of Penalty, you mail a notice of contest to the U.S. Department of Labor Area Office at the address shown above. Please refer to the enclosed booklet (OSHA 300) which outlines your rights and responsibilities and should be read in conjunction with this form. Issuance of this citation does not constitute a finding that a violation of the Act has occurred unless there is a failure to contest as provided for in the Act or, if contested, unless this citation is affirmed by the Review Commission or a court. Posting – The law requires that a copy of this Citation and Notification of Penalty be posted immediately in a prominent place at or near the location of the violation(s) cited herein, or, if it is not practicable because of the nature of the employer’s operations, where it will be readily observable by all affected employees. This citation must remain posted until the violation(s) cited herein has (have) been abated, or for 3 working days (excluding weekends and federal holidays)—whichever is longer. The penalty dollar amounts need not be posted and may be marked out or covered up prior to posting. Informal Conference – An informal conference is not required. However, if you wish to have such a conference you may request one with the area director during the 15 working day contest period. During such an informal conference, you may present any evidence or views which you believe would support an adjustment to the citation(s) and/or penalty(ies).
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If you are considering a request for an informal conference to discuss any issues related to this Citation and Notification of Penalty, you must take care to schedule it early enough to allow time to contest after the informal conference, should you decide to do so. Please keep in mind that a written letter of intent to contest must be submitted to the area director within 15 working days of your receipt of this citation. The running of this contest period is not interrupted by an informal conference. If you decide to request an informal conference, please complete, remove, and post the page 4 Notice to Employees next to this Citation and Notification of Penalty as soon as the time, date, and place of the informal conference have been determined. Be sure to bring to the conference any and all supporting documentation of existing conditions, as well as any abatement steps taken thus far. If conditions warrant, we can enter into an informal settlement agreement which amicably resolves this matter without litigation or contest. Right to Contest – You have the right to contest this Citation and Notification of Penalty. You may contest all citation items or only individual items. You may also contest proposed penalties and/or abatement dates without contesting the underlying violations. Unless you inform the area director in writing that you intend to contest the citation(s) and/or proposed penalty(ies) within 15 working days after receipt, the citation(s) and the proposed penalty(ies) will become a final order of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission and may not be reviewed by any court or agency. Penalty Payment – Penalties are due within 15 working days of receipt of this notification unless contested. (See the enclosed booklet and the additional information provided related to the Debt Collection Act of 1982.) Make your check payable to “DOL-OSHA”. Please indicate the inspection number on the remittance. OSHA does not agree to any restrictions or conditions or endorsements put on any check or money order for less than the full amount due and will cash the check or money order as if these restrictions, conditions, or endorsements do not exist. Notification of Corrective Action – For each violation which you do not contest, you are required by 29 CFR 1903.19 to submit an Abatement Certification to the area director of the OSHA office issuing the citation, identified above. The certification must be sent by you within 10 calendar days of the abatement date indicated on the citation. For willful and repeat violations, documents (e.g., photos, copies of receipts, training records) demonstrating that abatement is complete must accompany the certification. Where the citation is classified as s erious and the citation states that abatement documentation is required, documents such as those described above are required to be submitted along with the abatement certificate. If the citation indicates that the violation was corrected during the inspection, no abatement certification is required for that item. All abatement verification documents must contain the following information: 1) Your name and address; 2) the inspection number (found on the front page); 3) the citation and citation item number(s) to which the submission relates; 4) a statement that the information is accurate; 5) the signature of the employer or employer’s authorized representative; 6) the date the hazard was corrected; 7) a brief statement of how the hazard was corrected; and 8) a
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DIRECTIVE NUMBER: CPL 02-00-159 SUBJECT: Field Operations Manual (FOM) Purpose: Scope: References: Cancellations: State Impact: Action Offices:...
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