WATERFALL AT-HOME FINAL EXAM PROJECT DIRECTIONS SCENARIO You have decided to improve the appearance of your backyard by adding a new feature to it: a...
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Need Help ASAP!I have a little bit done but I need a complete project to go off because I am not getting all of it!



Is Required For This Assignment, CAN NOT BE A WORD DOC OR ANYTHING ELSE

(I received this project back from someone in a word document!)

There is an attachment for the assignment I need it back as soon as possible.

The project is to create a waterfall construction plan in a Project Processional 2013 project (THAT IS THE COURSE)

Please read all material, this is a project management course.


Please ask any questions, before starting..

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W ATERFALL CIS124AA 21 April 2014 Page 1 of 1 A T -H OME F INAL E XAM P ROJECT D IRECTIONS S CENARIO You have decided to improve the appearance of your backyard by adding a new feature to it: a waterfall. You must draw up the blueprint, determine the budget, plan and organize the actual construction, hire the people to do the construction work, and test the waterfall so it works properly. Think about the tasks that this will include and specific actions that you need to have done. Fortunately, Microsoft Project can help organize and track the tasks, resources, and costs of the construction as well as help with the planning and management. For the At-Home Final Exam Project you will create a Project file meeting the listed requirements. R EQUIREMENTS 1. Think about what constructing a waterfall will include. If you are unfamiliar with construction, you don’t need to conduct research. Use your best judgment about the steps that are involved. 2. Identify people, including your family members, who will work with you to make this happen. Note : Make sure to include yourself as one of the people assigned to the project. 3. Start Project and create a new file. Save it as FEPWaterfallMEID.mpp, replacing MEID with your actual MEID. 4. You should demonstrate the following practical skills and knowledge: Create suitable tasks and subtasks , entering sufficient information to complete the requirements, organize the tasks, and set the necessary options for your project. Note: Be sure to include at least 10 total entries (including tasks and subtasks) . Enter the necessary resources to complete the project. Assign appropriate resources to the tasks. Create milestones . Apply formatting of your choice (i.e., change the color or symbol). Link appropriate tasks . Think about the relationships among the tasks and enter any lag or lead time. Apply constraints to a minimum of one task. Create a task calendar. Interrupt a task. Indicate financial costs associated with the tasks in your plan. Set a baseline for the entire project. Utilize the Note feature and explain in the Notes why you created the milestone (s), updated the task calendar , applied certain constraint (s), and interrupted the task(s). Print at least two reports for the Project file, and save them in a Word document. Name the document FEPReportMEID, replacing MEID with your actual MEID. Place the following files in a folder and label it “Final Project.” FEPWaterfallMEID.mpp FEPReportMEID.docx Zip the folder and submit it via the link in the lesson.
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