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**I need someone who is creative**. This is a powerpoint assignment.

The company is Johnson & Johnson. I need questions 4,5,6, 9 and 10 to be completed they are listed on the rubric. The others have been completed and attached. I just need them in order and in a uniform theme, preferably related to Johnson & Johnson.

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In 1886, three brothers started Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ. In 1888, “The Company publishes ‘Modern Methods of An±sep±c Wound Treatment,’ which quickly becomes one of the standard teaching texts for an±sep±c surgery. It helps spread the prac±ce of sterile surgery in the U.S. and around the world.” (JNJ, 2016). In 1921, BAND-AID® is introduced to the market. In 1957, Johnson & Johnson opens opera±ons in India. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Johnson & Johnson expands into China and Egypt. In 2011, Johnson & Johnson celebrates their 125 th anniversary. History of Johnson & Johnson
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Johnson & Johnson Global Positioning According to Johnson & Johnson’s mission statement, “Caring for the world, one person at a Tme… inspires and unites the people of Johnson and Johnson. We embarce research and science- bringing innovated ideas, products and services to advance health and well being of people.” Although at Frst glace Johnson & Johnson resemble a cosmeTc line, they have posiToning themselves as a pharacuTcal company and a global posiToning of a product to help others “One century ago, in 1892, J&J’s dirctor of scienTFc a±airs Dr. ²rederick B Kilmer Frst invented a scented powder that was orginally labeled for “tolient and nursery” in it’s red and yellow vintage Tn can. His idea was to add perfume to Italian talcum and market it together with sanitary napkins to midwives and mother’s following childbirth” ( Nwazor, 2016, par. 2).
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Handout and Rubric Team Project Assignment #4 Length : 10 – 15 Slide PowerPoint Due : Week 8 by Midnight Saturday night; both a & b due Post : Into Assignment #4 AND INTO Discussion Thread for Week 8 In week 3, teams are to select one of the companies listed in the Williams text – see the back inside cover under “What Would You Do”, and then post their choice of company in the Discussion Thread for Team Project so that no other team will pick the same company. If a company is not selected by Week 6, the instructor will select one for you. Be sure to thoroughly understand the company. Research everything that you can that relates to the company. You may want to look into the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Harvard Business Review for any recent articles on the company, and research the CEO and board members. There will be useful information on the company Website. The purpose of this assignment is for the team to apply concepts from the text to the company that is being studied. In the case study answer the following questions: 1. What is the history of this organization? 2. What is the management style of this organization? 3. What are the stated mission, vision and values of this organization and do you have evidence that the organization is trying to live up to the stated mission, vision and values? 4. How has this organization weathered the current “Great Recession of 2008/9”? 5. How does this organization deal with change, innovation, diversity? 6. Is there evidence that this organization is adaptive? 7. What is their global positioning? 8. Can you find any evidence of corporate ethics? 9. What can you find out about their supply chain? 10. Would you want to work with this organization? Why or Why not? Teams are to prepare a 10 – 15 Slide PowerPoint and a Handout that could be used for attendees of a presentation. The Handout will be of professional quality, will be one page, easy to read, and will provide a recap of the Case Study. See Presentation Guidelines (next). Power Point:
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Power Point is to have a citation from the Williams text (using APA). No more than 3 bullets per page. Should be color coordinated, creative and easy to read. Be sure you have an introduction, an analysis and a conclusion in your presentation even though this is not a paper. The following describes how presentations will be graded. The questions and comments below are designed for you to read and consider before you finalize your presentation. Use APA in your Power Points and cite your sources (Wikipedia is still not a source). You need to compare and contrast your research to text concepts and course handouts; have at least three citations . Remember: This is designed to be a team project. Any member who does not contribute to the project is to not have their name on the Power Point. Think deeply about not giving a book report – but offering new and interesting information on how your assigned company connects with the material we have covered in class. Introduction (10%) Does the introduction explain the purpose of the presentation? Does it give a quick overview of the three to five points of analysis? Analysis (60%) Does the presentation have three to five main points of analyzing how the organization did or did not evolve as explained in the text on how the chosen organization did or did not follow the theories presented? Does each of the main points have a citation back to the text with a page number and a direct (short – 3 to 5 words) quote? Conclusion (10%) Is the conclusion a clear and concise recap of the analysis? The conclusion cannot bring in any new ideas! Does the conclusion tie into the first two or three sentences in thought? Process, Punctuation and Grammar (20%) Are all of the words spelled correctly? Are the correct words used? Is the wording smooth to read? Is proper grammar used? Are APA Guidelines followed? Is the presentation interesting? EXEMPLARY (150) PROFICIENT (140) DEVELOPING (130) EMERGING (120) Right Number of Slides with the Right 30 Between ten and fifteen slides. 28 Less than ten or more than fifteen 26 Less than ten or more than fifteen 24 Less than ten or more than
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TITLE LAYOUT Subtitle History of Johnson & Johnson In 1886, three brothers started Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, NJ. In 1888, 'The...
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