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 1)a)b)c)d)2)a)b)c)d)              3)a)b)c)d)4)-6a)b)c)d) 5)a)b)c)d)6)a)b)c)d) 7)


   What change describes the oxidation of Iron to form rust?

   Physical change

   Chemical Change

    Both physical and chemical change

   None of the above

   When a substance undergoes a chemical change, it is always true that:

   it evaporates

    there is no change to the chemical composition

   its chemical composition changes

    it gains more electrons than it had before      

   The number 0.00123 expressed in scientific notation is

   12.3 x 103

   1.23 x 103

    123 x 10-3

   1.23 x 10-3

   7.089 x 10 can be expressed as which of the following:





   What is the density of butane if 175.0mL has a mass of 50g?

   6.12 g/mL

   0.286 g/mL

    0.475 g/mL

   3.51 g/mL

   Compared to a proton, which best describes a neutron?

   The same mass and opposite charge

   The same mass and same charge

    A same mass and neutral charge

   A larger mass and opposite charge

   An ion with 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and a charge of minus 2 has an atomic number of

a) 8

b) 16

c) 2-

d) 6

8)   What is the correct electron configuration of calcium?

a)   1s22s22p63s1

b)   1s22s22p63s2

c)   1s22s22p63s23p6

d)    1s22s22p63s23p64s2


9)   Which pair of atoms will form a non-polar covalent bond?

a)   Na and Cl

b)   N and N

c)    H and F

d)   H and Br


10) A basic solution could have a pH of:

a) 7

b) 10

c)  3


11)      When the reaction below is balanced, the coefficients are:

C2H6 + O→ CO2 + H2O

a)   3, 1, 4, 5

b)    1, 5, 3, 4

c)   5, 4, 1, 3

d)    2, 7, 4, 6

12)    What is the molar mass of CaCO3?

a)   1000.9g

b)   100.09g 

c)    109.94g

d)   190.94g


13)   Which of the following can be described as behaving as a base?

a)   H2SO4

b)   HCl

c)    NH3

d)   CH4

14)  A ketone is a --------------, and its functional group is -------

a)   hydrocarbon, C=O

b)  substituted hydrocarbon, C=O

c)   aromatic, C=O

d)  substituted Hydrocarbon, C-O


15)    How many moles of H2O are present in a 12g sample?

a)   0.0666 mol

b)   0.666 mol

c)    6.66 mol

d)    666.0 mol


16)          How many moles of NHare present in a 0.06g sample?

a)   3522 mol

b)   0.03522 mol

c)    0.00352 mol

d)   35.22 mol

17)           How many moles of carbon dioxide will be produced by the complete reaction of 2.0 mol of glucose (C6H12O6), according to the following equation?

C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O

a)   8.0 mol

b)   10.0 mol

c)    12.0 mol

d)   14.0 mol

e)    16.0 mol

18)        What mass of hydrogen can be produced by reacting 6.0 mol of aluminium with hydrochloric acid?

2Al + 6HCl → 2AlCl3 + 3H2

a)   10.0 g

b)   12.0 g

c)   16.0 g

d)    18.0 g

19)      How many moles of water are produced when 5.00 mol of         H2SO4 reacts?

3H2SO4 + 2Al(OH)3 → Al2(SO4)3 + 6H2O

a)   20.0 mol

b)   10.0 mol

c)    3.00 mol

d)   2.00 mol

e)    9.00 mol

20)   Which statement best describes why NaCl dissolves in water?

a)   Water dissolves NaCl if it has a similar mass.

b)   NaCl will dissolve in water if it has a low pH.

c)    Water dissolves NaCl because both NaCl and water are polar molecules.

d)   A solution is formed when NaCl and water have different masses.

21)          What type of reaction is shown below?

2KClO→ 2KCl + 3O

a)   Addition

b)   Substitution

c)    Decomposition

d)   Combustion


22)          Which element would likely form a 2+ ion?

a)   Se

b)   As

c)    Br

d)   Sr


23)          Which statement is correct with respect to concepts of pH?

a)   A low pH has a low concentration of H+ ions.

b)   A high pH has a high concentration of H+ ions.

c)    A low pH has a high concentration of H+ ions.

d)   pH has nothing to do with H+ ion concentration.

24)        Which alkane is expected to have the lowest boiling point?





25)        Why do straight chain alkanes have higher boiling points than branched chain alkanes with the same molecular mass?

a)   Straight chain alkanes are polar compounds.

b)   Branched chain alkanes are polar compounds.

c)    Alkanes take part in hydrogen bonding.

d)   They have stronger Van der Waal forces.

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