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1 Youe likely to encounter formal service in all of the following settings except which one?

1 You池e likely to encounter formal service in all of the following
settings except which one?
A. A gourmet restaurant C. A church outing
B. A wedding D. A dinner party
2. Which of the following statements about table service settings
is correct?
A. Silverware is positioned according to size, with the largest
utensil closest to the plate.
B. The salad fork is placed inside the dinner fork.
C. Bread and butter plates go to the right of the dinner plate.
D. Water glasses go above the dinner plate.
3. Which of the following statements about finger bowls is true?
A. Finger bowls are generally used only at informal meals.
B. To use a finger bowl, use a spoon to place a small amount of water in your hand.
C. To use a finger bowl, lightly dip the fingers of one hand, and then the other, in the water.
D. When finished drying your hands, place the napkin in your lap.
4. At a party, it痴 sometimes permissible for serving personnel to
A. sample the buffet items before the guests arrive.
B. become part of the party if they know some of the guests.
C. take home any leftovers that remain.
D. smoke, provided they don稚 do so in view of the guests.
5. The accepted way to eat caviar is to
A. place a small spoonful directly onto a toast wedge.
B. place a small spoonful of caviar on your plate.
C. spread it evenly over pasta or potatoes.
D. mix it with an equal part of mayonnaise and spread it on bread.
6. Which of the following is often served as a palate cleanser between courses?
A. Bread C. Fresh fruit
B. Sherbet D. Ice cream
7. What is a silence pad?
A. A handkerchief used to quiet down noisy guests
B. A buffer to line the windows for reducing traffic noise
C. A felt layer underneath the tablecloth
D. A felt cushion underneath a hot plate
8. When hiring a new employee, it痴 important to do all of the following except which one?
A. Interview all of the applicants before making your decision.
B. Hire the employee you like most, regardless of his or her qualifications.
C. Have someone screen the calls.
D. Make sure the job description is very clear before you start.
9. In formal table service, all cutlery must be lined up _______ inch(es) from the edge of
the table.
A. 1/2 C. 2
B. 1 D. 3
10. John is a caterer who encourages his staff to make suggestions on work procedures and
frequently incorporates their thoughts into his management program. What kind of
management style does John exhibit?
A. Bureaucratic C. Democratic
B. Autocratic D. Hierarchic
11. In American table service, which server is doing the job correctly?
A. Kareem is serving wine from the guest痴 left.
B. Brian is clearing dishes from the guest痴 left.
C. Sapana is serving food from the guest痴 left.
D. Michael is clearing dishes from the right side, with his left hand.
12. When serving a formal meal, the first item served is the
A. first wine. C. appetizer.
B. bread and butter. D. soup.
13. Which of the following egg dishes is best eaten with a spoon?
A. Omelet C. Soft-boiled egg
B. Poached egg D. Eggs Benedict
14. In a table setting that includes a dessert spoon and fork, the tines of the dessert fork
should always be facing toward the
A. top of the table. C. right of the table.
B. left of the table. D. bottom of the table.
15. What should you do if you find a bone or foreign matter in your food after you致e
already put it in your mouth?
A. Spit the food out on your plate.
B. Sneak the food back onto your spoon or fork and hide it in the garnish.
C. Cover your open mouth with a napkin and remove it discretely.
D. Immedietely call over the host or hostess and complain.
16. One of the best ways to avoid disasters at a catering event is to
A. prepare backup food.
B. keep the guests outside until the last minute.
C. prepare the entire meal the day before.
D. develop so much experience that you can anticipate anything.
17. The best way to eat spaghetti is
A. twirling it around a fork.
B. cutting it up.
C. twirling it around a large spoon.
D. mixing the sauce and spaghetti together and cutting it up.
18. Which of the following behaviors is considered acceptable table manners?
A. Take a drink of water to wash down each bite of food.
B. Salt your food before tasting it, especially vegetables.
C. Rest your hands on the table with your wrists against the table痴 edge.
D. Pick up a large soup bowl to drink the last drops.
19. The most appropriate way to hold a small wineglass is with
A. one hand around the bowl.
B. both hands on the bowl.
C. one hand partially on the bowl and your fingers on the stem.
D. your fingers on the stem.
20. Which kind of food service is the most expensive and requires the largest staff of skilled
A. American C. English
B. Russian D. French

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