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In search of the most likely causes of dyslexia, you're most likely to get satisfying answers fromA. scientists who study genetic disorders....

1. In search of the most likely causes of dyslexia, you're most likely

to get satisfying answers fromA. scientists who study genetic disorders.B. environmental analysts.C. medical records indicating oxygen deprivation at birth.D. fetal tissue indicators of chromosomal abnormalities.

2. When you fail to remember something due to retrieval failure,

the fault is likely to reside inA. short-term memoryB. sensory input errors.C. long-term memory.D. one of the sensory registers.

3. Through the years of middle childhood, _______ motor skills are improving steadily as

pathways between the _______ and the cortex become increasingly myelinated and

reaction time gets better and better.A. gross; cerebellum C. fine; medullaB. reactive; hands D. coordinated; muscles

4. Paul is performing creatively when his approach to building a tree house involves

_______ thinking.A. situational C. problem-focusedB. divergent D. convergent

5. Brian may be _______ normal, but suffer from cultural-familial retardation if he hasn't

developed behaviors appropriate to his age.A. highly C. biologicallyB. socially D. academically

6. Because June's weight exceeds the norm by _______, her pediatrician considers

her obese.A. 10% C. 20%B. 15% D. 25%

7. Research indicates that children reared in gay or lesbian householdsA. may be more likely to become transsexuals.B. tend to be superior in academic achievement.C. tend to be as well adjusted as children raised by heterosexuals.D. are only slightly more likely to become gay or lesbian as adults.

8. Research indicates that the hunger drive is most closely associated withA. external cues, such as the presence of food.B. a person's normal blood sugar level.C. a child's stage of physical development.D. the amount of fat accumulated in adipose tissue.

9. Louis Thurstone's concept of _______ mental abilities is to factor theories of intelligence

as Gardner's ideas about intelligence are to bodily-kinesthetic, verbal, and other kinds

of intelligence.A. elemental C. generalB. primary D. special

10. Dr. Maxim explains to Katie's mother that an important factor in Katie's depression is her

attributional style. If Katie's mother is informed, she may properly say,A. "I see. So you think she blames her failures on others."B. "Yes, Katie does blame herself inappropriately."C. "I see. Then you'll want to adjust her serotonin levels."D. "Yes, she is rebellious more often than obedient."

11. Piaget is to moral realism as Kohlberg is toA. conventional morality. C. pre-conventional morality.B. moral dilemmas. D. autonomous moral judgement.
12. Which of the following statements concerning physical attractiveness is true?

A. It's more important for the popularity of boys than of girls.

B. It actually decreases a girl's popularity.C. It's related to increased social anxiety in boys but not in girls.D. It gives a child a better chance of being popular with peers.

13. If a teacher is led to believe that little Alice-selected at random-is a bright child about to

bloom, we can assume thatA. Alice is, indeed, bright.B. Alice's performance is likely to improve.C. Alice, like Pygmalion, will suffer from low self-esteem.D. Alice will be victimized by a self-fulfilling prophecy.

14. Over the last two years, Marilou has gained 6 pounds, Max has gained 11 pounds, Lev

has gained 8 pounds, and Karen has gained 18 pounds. Which of the children's weight

gain is average for middle childhood?A. Karen C. LevB. Max D. Marilou

15. Regarding the effects of divorce on children, one can most accurately say thatA. parental conflicts over child-raising strategies have little effect if the child lives with

the mother.B. any child raised by a single parent will be seriously disadvantaged by comparison

with children of intact families.C. a father's continuation of financial support after a divorce isn't very important to

children these days since most mothers have jobs.D. a child raised by a single mother will do about as well as a child in an intact family

if the mother's education and emotional health are strong.

16. Simon is dyslexic, and a physician explains to his mother that a part of his brain,

the _______, may be related to his failure to coordinate words and letters seen on

a page to sounds.A. angular gyrus C. medullaB. hypothalamus D. hippocampus

17. When we find gender differences in physical performance before puberty, they're largely

due toA. biological variables.B. the child's socialization.C. dramatic differences in brain structure.D. differences in growth patterns that will even out by middle adolescence.

18. Having taken the SBIS, Terry is found to have mental age of eight and a chronological

age of six. His I.Q. score will be aboutA. 110. C. 120.B. 75. D. 130.

19. Which of the following statements about ADHD is most accurate?A. It's more common in adolescence than in middle childhood.B. It tends to cause some degree of brain damage.C. It tends to run in families.D. Where you find ADHD, you aren't likely to find other kinds of learning disorders.

20. We can most accurately say of conduct disorders thatA. coercive punishment in the preschool years isn't normally associated with later

conduct disorders.B. they tend to persist in some form or other into adolescence and beyond.C. cognitive-behavioral techniques nearly always eliminate conduct disorders.D. they're not normally associated with traits inherited from biological parents.

21. A child who has been taught to read through the phonetic methodA. has a decoding method when encountering new words.B. will be able to understand the errors in a local dialect.C. may be unable to decode meanings through simple word recognition.D. will, as an adult, depend on these skills when reading familiar words.

22. Ronald is one of those kids that other kids call on to help settle their disputes. It's

not that he's more popular than Amanda is; he just seems to know what needs to be

done. In Robert Sternberg's view, Ronald is likely to score well on an assessment of

his _______ intelligence.A. analytical C. emotionalB. practical D. creative

Examination, Lesson 5 189

23. When, at age 11, Mark becomes aware of how his memory works, we would say he

has developedA. an elaborative strategy. C. a capacity for rehearsal.B. a semantic coding ability. D. metamemory.

24. What happens as children progress into middle childhood?A. They rate their friends as their best XXXXXX XX emotional support.B. Their self-concept becomes more differentiated.C. Conflict with parents and/or caregivers increases dramatically.D. Conflict with parents and/or caregivers decreases dramatically.

25. You and Taye are discussing the causes of obesity. As an informed person, you have to

disagree with your friend when he asserts that a major factor in obesity is

A. gender. C. environment.B. physiology. D. genetic inheritance.

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