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Lower health insurance rates for nonsmokers would be what type of reinforcer?

Lower health insurance rates for nonsmokers would be what type of reinforcer?





Question 2 2 points Save
Children from dysfunctional families may attain psychosocial health.



Question 3 2 points Save
According to research, which of the following coping strategies would a male student most likely use?

writing a schedule for the week

playing golf with friends

establishing a daily routine

changing his diet

Question 4 2 points Save
Based on the Rational Emotive Therapy, a person who says he can't succeed at changing a negative health behavior most likely

is in the action stage of change.

does not perceive the seriousness of the problem.

lacks a social support.

believes he won't be successful.

Question 5 2 points Save
David's therapist gave him a prescription for an antidepressant. What type of mental health professional does he go to?



psychiatric social worker

social counselor

Question 6 2 points Save
William is being treated for depression. He has been having relationship difficulties with his spouse over the last several years which seem to be a contributing factor. In order to address these issues, William would most likely benefit from ________ therapy.





Question 7 2 points Save
Humor is often an effective mechanism for coping with negative emotions.



Question 8 2 points Save
Which of the following is the best example of a realistic, specific and attainable goal?

I will lose weight.

I will lose 1 pound a week over the next four weeks.

I will lose 10 pounds and start exercising.

all of these

Question 9 2 points Save
As a part of stress management, strategies to replenish adaptation energy stores include all EXCEPT

avoiding exercise until adequately rested.

balancing work and relaxation.

eating a nutritious diet.

maintaining supportive relationships.

Question 10 2 points Save
The definition of violence implies

that any infliction of harm is intentional.

that force is used, regardless of intent.

that a hate crime has been committed.

the behavior is a reaction to dissatisfaction with the way things are.

Question 11 2 points Save
Which of the following best describes spiritual health?

understanding and expressing a purpose in life

expressing emotions

having satisfying relationships

being able to reason and think objectively

Question 12 2 points Save
Most experts believe that major depressive disorders are caused by biological factors.



Question 13 2 points Save
Researchers suggest several reasons for stalking including all of the following EXCEPT

Stalkers may lack social skills.

Stalkers are older and know how to get information they want or need about their victim.

Stalkers have a flexible schedule and free time.

Stalkers are not accountable to authority figures for their daily activities.

Question 14 2 points Save
Which of the following is an example of a belief?

disliking the smell of cigarette smoke

thinking that fast food tastes better than a brown-bagged lunch

being happy with a small accomplishment

understanding that the prevalence of smoking has decreased over the past 50 years

Question 15 2 points Save
Simon is taking a class to learn a foreign language. He is improving which dimension of his health?

mental health

social health

intellectual health

spiritual health

Question 16 2 points Save
Life expectancy may decline in coming years due to the prevalence of obesity.



Question 17 2 points Save
Which of the following is least likely to help in dealing with sexual pressure or unwanted advances when dating?

Before your date, think about your values and set personal boundaries.

Be cautious about alcohol consumption.

Practice communicating what you will say if you are uncomfortable; be assertive.

Be receptive; try to understand and appreciate your date's feelings about sexual activities.

Question 18 2 points Save
Studies show that among all of the risk factors for heart attacks, stress is responsible for almost one third of heart attacks.



Question 19 2 points Save
The use of force to control and maintain power over another person in the home environment is



domestic violence.

domestic terrorism.

Question 20 2 points Save
Glenda has noticed that her husband's breathing is irregular when he sleeps. At times, his breathing seems to stop completely for ten seconds or longer before it begins again. Glenda's husband may be suffering from

sleep sickness.

sleep dysphasia.

sleep apnea.

sleep asphyxia.

Question 21 2 points Save
Today, the concept of adaptability is a key element in the overall definition of health.



Question 22 2 points Save
Adolescent teens having access to cigarette vending machines is an example of a positive reinforcing factor that can influence smoking behavior.



Question 23 2 points Save
Prior to the onset of flu season, vaccines are created to decrease the number of people who will be infected, thus decreasing the ________ of new cases of the flu virus.



case load

morbidity rate

Question 24 2 points Save
According to studies in psychoneuroimmunology, which of the following types of stress is most closely linked to decreased immunity?





Question 25 2 points Save
Demonstrating cultural competency can be accomplished by

understanding cultural differences.

examining personal values and beliefs.

helping others make healthy choices.

all of these.

Question 26 2 points Save
In many states, marital rape is a lesser crime than rape occurring outside of marriage.



Question 27 2 points Save
The voluntary nervous system regulates the sympathetic nervous system and the body's stress response.



Question 28 2 points Save
Acts of severe aggression happen with equal frequency in both genders.



Question 29 2 points Save
By raising endorphin levels with regular exercise a person can experience

decreased hostility.

increased energy.

increased mental alertness.

all of these.

Question 30 2 points Save
Social health

includes the ability to develop social bonds.

means you have a lot of friends but never need to call on them for assistance.

is not necessary for achieving and maintaining physical health.

does not affect our interactions with people outside of our social network.

Question 31 2 points Save
Jane has tried to quit smoking several times but ultimately failed because she lost motivation and didn't believe she could succeed. Which of the following may have contributed to her failure?

She began at the action stage of the Transtheoretical Model.

She has low self-efficacy.

She has an external locus of control.

all of these

Question 32 2 points Save
Pressures refer to a type of stressor

most students will not experience until after they graduate.

that may be related to personal goals and outside influences.

that is only a negative force.

that is best described as petty annoyances.

Question 33 2 points Save
The first step in modifying your health behavior to achieve overall wellness is

get a physical examination.

assess yourself.

complete a detailed behavior change contract.

find a reliable support person.

Question 34 2 points Save
Jane lives in a finished basement that frequently has problems with mold. This background distressor keeps her in what stage of GAS?





Question 35 2 points Save
A recent study of college students found no relationship between spirituality and a successful college experience.



Question 36 2 points Save
A campus wellness center with 24 hour gym access would be a ________ for residential students wanting to start an exercise program.

positive enabler

negative enabler

positive reinforcement

negative reinforcement

Question 37 2 points Save
Sexual jokes, suggestive comments, and sexual innuendos are forms of sexual harassment.



Question 38 2 points Save
Dreaming occurs during

stage 1 sleep.

stage 4 sleep.

REM sleep.

non-REM sleep.

Question 39 2 points Save
Which of the following is least likely to be the cause of death for an adolescent or young adult?



motor vehicle crash


Question 40 2 points Save
An advantage to following the community-policing model is that

students do not have to worry about taking precautions when walking around campus.

officers are allowed to use more force, if necessary, to apprehend criminals.

officers get to know people in their areas and are better able to anticipate and prevent risks.

it uses a separate law enforcement office dedicated to campus issues.

Question 41 2 points Save
Jane is a hard-driven perfectionist and self-described Type A personality. She finds her occupation enjoyable and rewarding. She has a high self-esteem and is able to take responsibilities for her mistakes. Which of the following attributes best protect Jane from CVD?

a Type C personality

psychological hardiness



Question 42 2 points Save
At the end of her yoga session, the instructor has her students sit and focus on a word or symbol for 15 minutes. Her class is practicing


massage therapy.



Question 43 2 points Save
An examination is an example of


a stressor.


a strainer.

Question 44 2 points Save
Jill's husband slapped her because his laundry was not folded. Jill feels guilty for not folding the laundry and will try extra hard to make sure this never happens again. What phase in the cycle of violence is this?

tension building

acute battering


chronic battering

Question 45 2 points Save
Moving from thinking about starting an exercise program to actually joining a club and having a trainer help you set goals is an example of which model that explains behavior change?

The Health Belief Model

The Theory of Reasoned Action

Stages of Change (Prochaska & DiClimente)

Theory of Planned Behavior

Question 46 2 points Save
Which of the following is a strategy for preventing or stopping harassment?

Ignore the harasser.

Document the harassment.

Avoid involving higher authorities.

Examine your behavior to identify what you are doing to invite harassment.

Question 47 2 points Save
You finally decide to try to manage your stress. After assessing all the things in your life that are stressors, the next step would be to

manage your emotional responses.

learn to cope with the stressors.

determine which stressors can be reduced.

all of these.

Question 48 2 points Save
Which model explains why a young woman who smokes will not be likely to quit because she does not think that she will get a lung disease and the effort of quitting is not worth the result of weight gain?

Theory of Reasoned Action

Stages of Change (Prochaska & DiClimente)

The Health Belief Model

Readiness Model

Question 49 2 points Save
To achieve overall Subjective Well-being (SWB) one must learn to be happy all of the time.



Question 50 2 points Save
Both eustress and distress can trigger the fight-or-flight response.



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