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2) Triphenyl methyl ether is produced from the reaction of triphenyl methyl chloride with methanol, both dissolved in benzene, according to the following reaction: CH3OH + (C6H5)3CCl → (C6H5)3COCH3 + HCl The reaction is second-order for methanol and first-order for triphenyl methyl chloride with a rate constant of 4.4810-3 (m3/kmol)2/s at 298oK, 101 kPa. Feed concentrations are 0.11 kmol/m3 for the triphenyl methyl chloride and one-half that concentration for the methanol. a) For 50 percent conversion of methanol utilizing a singl CSTR, calculate the required reactor space time. b) What reactor type, CSTR, PFR, or batch, would you recommend for this reaction?
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