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World History Unit 4 Portfolio Project: Early Modern World – Events that Changed the Course of History The time period between 1400–1800 can be described as a bridge between ancient civilizations and the modern world. It was during this time period that Europeans began their voyages of exploration and eventual dominance of the Americas. Conquest of the Americas created new wealth in Europe causing fierce rivalries between nations. Wars shaped political boundaries in Europe and set the stage for future conflict. New empires emerged as former kingdoms unified under one rule. As territories and treasuries expanded, leaders became more powerful. In religion, Christianity splintered into new sects and Islam spread. Part 1 Study the timelines on pp. 154–155, 186–187, and 208–209 of World History: Modern Times. Select ten events which you think had the greatest impact in shaping modern times. For your ten choices, please select a combination of political, social, and economic events. Create a timeline of the events. On the timeline include date and events in proper chronological order. 5 points Part 2 From your 10 events, choose five events. Identify at least two causes and two effects for each of the five events. Use the following example as a reference for how to approach the question. (Note: This example does not qualify for the time period.) You may put your answer in chart form, in a table, graphic organizer, or any other format, but you must use complete sentences. 4 points per event Event: Fall of the Roman Empire Causes • Barbarian invasions weakened the Roman military and introduced new cultures. • The empire grew too large. As boundaries expanded, it became increasingly difficult to defend territory. • The building resentment of colonized people challenged Roman leadership. • Debt, corruption, and the inefficiency of leaders weakened the government. © 2010 Connections Academy®, LLC. All rights reserved. Effects • After the Roman Empire collapsed in the west, smaller kingdoms based on a feudal system emerged. • The Roman tradition was preserved by monks and the Church. The Roman Catholic Church became one of the most powerful institutions of the Middle Ages. • Trade declined as Europe rebuilt. Part 3: Significance For each of the five events chosen, write one or two clear, concise sentences explaining why the event was significant in shaping the modern world. 1 point per event