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FAS/SOC 435:

FAS/SOC 435: Adv Marriage/Family Relatnshps

Question 1

A study conducted in two Bangladesh areas—one more economically developed, the other less developed—found that more autonomous women living in the less developed area were more likely to report being beaten than the women in the more developed area. This finding led the authors of the study to conclude

areas that are more urbanized tend to accept women's independence due to changed social norms.
less developed areas find women's independence threatening to the social order.
a woman's autonomy must be both accepted and commonplace before it begins to reduce the risk of domestic violence.
all of the above
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Question 2

Members of which of the following groups are most likely to commit acts of domestic violence?

employed men
unemployed men
men with college degrees
men with graduate degrees
0.5 points
Question 3

Of the substantiated elder abuse cases in 2004, the most prevalent type was

emotional or psychological abuse
physical abuse
caregiver neglect
sexual abuse
0.5 points
Question 4

Among college peers, those most likely to be both victims or aggressors in sexual aggression are

acquainted with each other
did not have the same definition as to what "no" meant when refusing to engage in sex
using alcohol and drugs.
all of the above
0.5 points
Question 5

From the frustration-aggression perspective of domestic violence, violent behavior is viewed as

a way of dominating women.
an emotional outburst of displaced anger.
a trade-off between what perpetrators desire and can get away with.
a way of making a political statement.
0.5 points
Question 6

A 2004 study found that the elderly were most likely to be abused by

their children.
their spouse.
a non-related caretaker.
a sibling.
0.5 points
Question 7

The teacher of a required course on how to handle conflict and anger in a relationship would most likely be using a __________ approach to domestic violence.

social exchange
social learning
0.5 points
Question 8

If a domestic violence advocate were operating under the political model, he/she would be most apt to support which of the following?

increasing women's pay to a level equal to men's
counseling couples on how to control their anger
policies aimed at preserving the family unit
providing mental health services to men who abuse their partner
0.5 points
Question 9

Female victims of violence in the United States face the highest risk of physical injury

from someone they know well.
when they are pregnant.
from strangers.
if they are disabled in any way.
0.5 points
Question 10

The feminist movement in the United States had as its fundamental goal on the issue of domestic violence

to treat the physical injuries of the victims.
to treat the personal problems of the perpetrator.
to remove the social supports for male violence in our culture.
to treat the emotional trauma of the victims.
0.5 points
Question 11

Evidence of the fact that domestic violence is not solely a contemporary social problem is suggested by the passing of the first law against wife beating in the Western world by citizens of

the British Parliament.
the Virginia Commonwealth.
the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
the French Republic.
0.5 points
Question 12

Of the three types of relationships—dating, married, and cohabiting relationships—which has the highest incidence of physical assault?

all the same
0.5 points
Question 13

Child abuse is least likely to occur in what type of family?

families in which both parents are employed
low-income families
single-parent families
a family in which the husband is unemployed
0.5 points
Question 14

"Intimate terrorism" is characterized by

it escalates into serious violence and injury
it is motivated by control
most perpetrators are men
all of the above
0.5 points
Question 15

Most reports of rape in surveys of date rape reveal that rape was committed

by strangers to the victims.
by college students.
while the victim was out late at night.
by someone the victim knew.
0.5 points
Question 16

Much attention to domestic violence followed the trial and acquittal of O. J. Simpson, who was accused of murdering his former wife, Nicole. Whether or not we think Simpson guilty, one of the positive results of his trial for domestic violence victims has been

legislation to prevent stalking.
legislation to assist victims in leaving their situations.
legislation to provide job training to victims.
legislation to arrest perpetrators whether or not the victim presses charges.
0.5 points
Question 17

Advocates of the medical model of domestic violence perceive the solution to domestic violence to be

passage of protective laws.
intervention by health and social welfare professionals.
a societal change of attitude toward women's problems.
completion of conflict resolution courses.
0.5 points
Question 18

Which factor was the most likely explanation of the great rise in divorce for the 1960s and 1970s?

culture was more individualistic
more women working outside the home
the law became more permissive
a combination of all these factors
0.5 points
Question 19

Which of the following individual risk factors increases the likelihood of divorce?

premarital cohabitation
young age at marriage
being African American
all of the above
0.5 points
Question 20

In the era of restricted divorce, countries with a predominant __________ religion were more liberal about divorce.

0.5 points
Question 21

Which of the following is not a characteristic of the current legal system within which U.S. couples obtain divorce?

It routinely grants alimony to wives whose job skills are limited.
It orders husbands to pay only modest levels of child support.
It expects divorced mothers to become self-supportive soon after a divorce.
It assumes an upper-middle-class dual-career divorcing couple, who have equal skills and incomes.
0.5 points
Question 22

Joint legal custody between divorcing parents is primarily valuable as _____ in contemporary U.S. society.

a symbol of the father's continuing responsibility for his children
a symbol of the mother's continuing responsibility for her children
a means of men's retaining active, regular involvement in their children's lives
a means of women's retaining active, regular involvement in their children's lives
0.5 points
Question 23

Of the two effects studied by sociologists and others, research indicates that in terms of contributing to the chances of divorce, the _____ might have a more powerful effect.

human capital effect
independence effect
income effect
employment effect
0.5 points
Question 24

The arrangement whereby divorced parents coordinate their activities and cooperate with each other in raising their children is commonly referred to as

parallel parenting
joint legal custody
joint upbringing
0.5 points
Question 25

The typical waiting period for a divorce in the United States is _____, which is _____ than most other Western countries.

one year or less; lower
two years; higher
five years; higher
three years; lower
0.5 points
Question 26

One of the most consistent findings of the research into the effects of divorce is that

mothers are often bitter and emotionally distraught.
children recover rather quickly.
fathers after divorce are not as involved with their children as they may have been before.
fathers resent paying alimony.
0.5 points
Question 27

All the following included official reasons for divorce in the era of divorce tolerance, except

mental cruelty
emotional dissatisfaction
0.5 points
Question 28

On the basis of the most recently available information, the racial-ethnic group with the highest divorce rate in the United States is

African American.
non-Hispanic white.
Native American.
0.5 points
Question 29

In 2007, how many married women obtained a divorce?

5 percent
10 percent
0.5 points
Question 30

Historically, annulments were only granted in the following case(s)

marriage between close relatives.
if spouses had not engaged in sexual intercourse.
both a and c
0.5 points
Question 31

Of the following couples, which one is the least likely to divorce in contemporary U.S. society?

couples with the same religious background
couples where the wife is much older than the husband
couples who married as teenagers
couples whose ages are far apart
0.5 points
Question 32

Couples who have cohabited prior to marriage have a _____ likelihood of divorcing compared to couples who did not live together prior to marriage.

no different
0.5 points
Question 33

What is the primary reason why couples who cohabit prior to marriage have a higher chance of getting divorced?

less committed to each other
weaker commitment to the institution of marriage
they love each other less
none of the above
0.5 points
Question 34

Black women in the United States have a higher likelihood of separating from their husbands and are __________ to turn these separations into divorces than other women.

less reluctant
none of the above
0.5 points
Question 35

The stepparent who is in a stable stepfamily is likely to

show warmth toward and support of the stepchildren
not discipline the stepchildren
support the biological parent's parenting style
all of the above
0.5 points
Question 36

The finding that a teenage first marriage (and divorce later) also accounts for a later remarriage and another divorce would support which of the following theories or perspectives on remarriage?

selection theory
institutionalization of remarriage
non-institutionalization of remarriage and divorce
role theory
0.5 points
Question 37

Created kinship differs from blood kinship in that:

it is usually a weaker relationship.
it is a relationship that requires more work and maintenance.
it is usually a stronger relationship.
the two seldom differ.
0.5 points
Question 38

Stepfamilies are more likely to have a _________ kinship with the members of that family

0.5 points
Question 39

Remarriage rates tend to be lower for:

the wealthy than the poor.
the young than the old.
men than for women.
the poor than the non-poor.
0.5 points
Question 40

With the increasing numbers of remarriages and subsequent stepfamilies, the practices of the court system in the United States have been

standing firm about the rights of biological parents.
evolving slowly toward recognizing some rights and responsibilities of stepparents.
evolving slowly about the rights of biological parents.
standing firm about the rights of stepparents.
0.5 points
Question 41

In many court cases where biological parents have contested the right of stepparents to raise children living with them, __________ have won.

the stepparents
the biological parents
0.5 points
Question 42

The position a stepparent attains in a family depends on:

the effort he or she puts into developing a close relationship with the stepchildren.
his or her relationship with the non-custodial parent.
a signed pre-nuptial agreements.
the "hands on" care of his or her children.
0.5 points
Question 43

Cherlin describes life in step families as a(n) ______ social institution.

0.5 points
Question 44

Of the types of kinship ties, which is more likely to change over the course of a person's lifetime?

assigned kinship ties
created kinship ties
blood-relative ties
grandparent kinship ties
0.5 points
Question 45

Divorced people in the 2000s in the United States are not less inclined to live with someone, but they seem to have:

substituted cohabitation for remarriage.
delayed remarrying until they have been divorced for many years.
become reluctant to live with those who have children.
all of the above
0.5 points
Question 46

Several factors increase the likelihood of a stepparent's being able to act toward a child much as a biological parent would. Which of the following would not be one of these factors?

satisfying relationship between biological parent and stepparent
within the home
preschool age of children when stepfamily is formed
teenage children when stepfamily is formed
significant interaction between child and nonresident biological parent
0.5 points
Question 47

The stepparent most likely to integrate into the stepfamily would be one called the

polite outsider
intimate outsider
family healer
0.5 points
Question 48

The original Old English prefix "step" as in stepmother signified a relationship caused by

0.5 points
Question 49

Of those who remarry after divorce, women are __________ likely to remarry than men, on the basis of current statistics.

just as
far less
slightly less
0.5 points
Question 50

Which of the following racial-ethnic group members are most likely, on average, to remarry after a divorce?

non-Hispanic whites
African Americans
Native Americans
0.5 points
Question 51

In all discussions of stepfamilies and step-relatives it is obvious, on the basis of current research findings, that the primary ingredient in making a stepfamily "work" in ways similar to the common conjugal unit is that someone

does the work of kinship.
adopts the children from a first marriage.
attends counseling.
helps support the new family.
0.5 points
Question 52

A conservative politician would disagree with the following statement

The family should be left alone by the government
The labor market should reflect the family wage system
There should be legalization of partial-birth abortion
A conservative would agree with all these statements
0.5 points
Question 53

The Social Security Act of 1935 followed the division of labor implicit in the family wage system and provided pensions primarily to

working males.
working females.
whole families.
all of the above.
0.5 points
Question 54

In the earlier history of our country and for many years afterward, the prevailing view in the United States was that government should not intervene in family affairs; this changed dramatically after _____.

The Great Depression
the 1970s recession due to OPEC changes in oil prices
0.5 points
Question 55

Most government involvement in family support is based on a concern about

keeping employees happy (and working).
dependents, especially children and the elderly.
distributing excess monies fairly.
0.5 points
Question 56

Of the following, which is the least common way that the government subsidizes a college-educated working couple?

giving their elderly parents Social Security
by allowing them a tax deduction on their home mortgage interest rates
by collecting unemployment when one spouse is laid off
receiving income tax credits for having children
0.5 points
Question 57

The 1973 Supreme Court decision _______ ruled that women had the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy by abortion.

Roe v. Wade
Brown v. Wade
Schafly v. Schroeder
Roe v. Schroeder
0.5 points
Question 58

The Social Security Act, which is becoming more and more controversial in the 1990s, was initiated in the _____ and was originally intended to help _____.

1940s; unemployed men.
1950s; homemaker-breadwinner families.
1930s; widowed women with children.
1960s; the frail and elderly.
0.5 points
Question 59

___________ advocates maintain that the rise of the dual-earner couple has created a harried lifestyle that should be eased for the sake of parents and children.

0.5 points
Question 60

A fundamental premise of the original Social Security System was that the recipients:

would also be receiving other forms of assistance.
would never really need it.
would be primarily women.
would be primarily men.
0.5 points
Question 61

PWORA is different than AFDC in the respect that

financial benefits were limited
there were time limits
adults were required to worth within 24 months after they receive assistance
all of the above
0.5 points
Question 62

In 2006, President Bush sign a Marriage Promotion bill to extend welfare reform legislation
to include all the following except

relationship and parenting skills training
public advertising on the value of marriage
child care funds for working married parents
high school classes on marriage and budgeting
0.5 points
Question 63

Proportionate to their percentage of the total U.S. population, (for example, whites make up approximately 85% of the total U.S. population at present), _____ are most likely to be using cash assistance programs offered by the U.S. government.

Asian Americans
African Americans
Native Americans
0.5 points
Question 64

_____ American families, including middle class families, receive ________ government assistance:

Most; little
Some; little
Most; substantial
Some; substantial
0.5 points
Question 65

The major drop in TANF caseloads the last few years is not caused by

new rules of welfare reform.
the strong economy.
wage support such as the Earned Income Tax Credit.
fewer single-parent families.
0.5 points
Question 66

In the United States, two kinds of conflicts that underlie much of the controversy and discussion of major public issues concerning the family include

men's dominance and children's care.
women's autonomy and "natural" roles.
women's employment and childhood poverty.
women's dominance and children's care.
0.5 points
Question 67

The family wage system was based on the concept that women's and men's roles in the family split between:

wage earners; homemakers
young teenagers; mature mothers
widowed mothers; divorcees
homemakers; wage earners
0.5 points
Question 68

Until the depression in the United States, the government felt that it __________ (in) family affairs.

should not intervene
be completely responsible for
should provide moderate assistance
support certain aspects of

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