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38. The theory of hypnosis which states that the hypnotized...

38. The theory of hypnosis which states that the hypnotized individual is disconnected from reality is called: a. altered state theory b. sociocognitive theory c. hypnotic analgesia theory d. stimulus control theory 39. You are watching a friend acting like a duck on stage at a hypnosis show. You lean over to the person sitting next to you and say, “She feels social pressure from the audience and hypnosis allows her to act like a duck.” Your statement best illustrates the ____ theory of hypnosis. a. hidden observer b. altered state c. sociocognitive d. humanistic 40. A client who undergoes hypnosis for pain and reports a reduction in the unpleasant feeling of pain has experienced: a. hypnotic analgesia b. imagined perception c. posthypnotic amnesia d. posthypnotic suggestion 42. What is the name of the chemicals that alter our consciousness, sensations, perceptions, mood, and cognitive processes? a. psychosomatic drugs b. psychoactive drugs c. psychomedicinal drugs d. illicit drugs 46. What did the researchers conclude about drug treatment? a. drug treatment is highly cost-effective only for the treatment of stimulant abuse b. drug treatment is more cost-effective than imprisonment c. enforcement of drug laws is more effective than drug treatment d. drug treatment using psychoanalysis is the most cost-effective treatment 47. In the nervous system, amphetamines change the way we feel, think, and act by: a. increasing the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine b. increasing the rate of reuptake c. mimicking the effects of melatonin d. destroying vesicles in the terminal button"

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