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15 questions multiple choice looking for an A. 6 For a government to be stable, what quality must exist?

15 questions multiple choice looking for an A.

For a government to be stable, what quality must exist?

A. The government must have a large military force to back it.
B. The leader must be charismatic.
C. The government must be based on democratic principles.
D. The source of the power must be perceived as being legitimate

In the Kolondahar, a small group of high ranking military officers make the decisions that determine national policy. This form of government describes ________.

A. a representative democracy
B. a fascist dictatorship
C. an oligarchy
D. a monarchy

Phong Lhu is a small business owner and a recently naturalized citizen of the United States. Since there are very few Vietnamese serving in public office, Phong Lhu will most likely vote in accord with ________.

A. his interests as a member of an ethnic minority
B. his interests as a member of the small business community
C. his religious interests
D. those who share his social class position

Which of the following couples is least likely to divorce within the first ten years of their marriage?

A. Alice and Gregory who were teenage sweethearts and married when they were 22.

B. Becky and Frank who work at the shoe factory together on the assembly line.

C. Ruth and Chuck who, after a whirlwind romance, got married and had their first child six months later

D. Cathy and Tony who attend the same fundamentalist church and were married in their late 20s

Although cooperation is a core value in Japan, Japanese students are admitted to college only on the basis of intense competition. This is an example of a[n] ________.

A. cultural contradiction
B. value conflict
C. status inconsistency
D. role ambiguity

You are taking an IQ test which will be used to determine your intelligence level. The first question asks you to identify all of the equipment you will need to play the game of shoeball. The second question asks the rules of the game. Finally, the third question asks you to explain how shoeball is scored and the number of points you need to win the game. Based on this question, what does the test demonstrate?

A. It accurately measures intelligence.
B. The test is valid and reliable.
C. The test is totally unreliable
D. It has a cultural bias in measuring intelligence.

Of the following statements, which one is least accurate as it pertains to the professionalization of health care in the United States?

A. Prior to 1800 virtually anyone could be a physician by simply proclaiming themselves as one.

B. There were more medical schools in the United States in the 1800s than in the early 1900s.

C. Prior to 1900 medical training was brief and did not even require a high school diploma.

D. When medicine became a profession, it immediately increased the availability of health care by licensing more doctors

Which of the following conditions does a declining standard of living most likely to create in a country?

A. political instability
B. the growth of multinationals
C. citizen apathy
D. economic alienation

Based on Gans' typologies of city dwellers, what classification do the elderly, mentally ill, and drug addicts fall into?

A. ethnic villagers
B. cosmopolite
C. the trapped
D. deprived urbanite

Yamaguchi and Horowitz found that crowds take deliberate steps to reach some goal. In view of this, how would sociologists characterize the members of a crowd?

A. They are people vulnerable to suggestion.
B. They are irrational individuals with no sense of conformity.
C. They are rational individuals acting in unison.
D. They are people who are oppressed expressing their frustration

The popularity of "Tickle Me Elmo," Beanie Babies, and Cabbage Patch Kids are all examples of behaviors that appear quickly and then quickly disappear. These situations are referred to as ________.

A. flash mobs
B. urban legends
C. crazes
D. entertainment cults

Social movements that seek to change particular aspects of individuals, such as the Women Christian Temperance Union and Million Man March are best qualified as which type of social movement?

A. alterative
B. transformative
C. reformative
D. redemptive

What concept is central to all evolutionary theories, regardless of their type?

A. social stratification
B. cultural progress
C. the development of cities
D. social inequality

The Japanese adopted baseball as a national sport after they saw American GIs playing it following World War II. This adoption of baseball by the Japanese is an example of ________.

A. a discovery
B. diffusion
C. an invention
D. cultural lag

What did historian James Fink cite as the primary reason women were transformed from producers of food and clothing to consumers of national-brand canned goods, prepared foods, and ready made clothes?

A. the credit card
B. no fault divorce
C. the automobile
D. women's liberation

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