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ART 1133 Study Guide for Exam 1 - Unit I -- Introduction to Art, Chapter 1.1 through 1.10 INTRODUCTION: Hokusai is said to have used a live chicken's...

Hokusai is said to have used a live chicken’s footprints in a painting that
communicated ______.
William G. Wall’s print “Fort Edward” is a vehicle for expressing the artist’s
thoughts about __________ .
Western artists since the Renaissance have usually considered ______ to be
the highest forms of art.
Traditionally, artists in China learned their craft by ______.
Stolen art loses much of its value because ______
Art is sometimes censored by the authorities because of___________.
The Nazis’ Degenerate Art Exhibition contained work that ______.
African masks displayed in museums were originally made ______.
These 1300-year-old South American drawings, which include an enormous
image of a spider, were first discovered by overflying commercial aircraft
because they are so huge.____________
A line can be a mark that connects ___________________.
Barbara Hepworth uses line to plan and visualize her three-dimensional
artwork. What kind of three-dimensional artwork does she
This kind of line tends to be more visually active so it can draw the viewer's
attention.________. Vertical lines tend to communicate __________ . Line
can be used as a tool to __________ .
Dashes and grids in The Devil Made Me Do It, by Sauerkids, are a good
example of this kind of line____________.
Which of these is a form? Triangle, Circle, Pyramid, Square, Rectangle.
Which of these is not a geometric form? Leaf, Sphere, Cube, Pyramid,
The human figure communicates the rich experience of humanity, and artists
emulate this experience using this kind of form:________
This use of scale can create an abnormal or supernatural effect, and was
used by the Surrealists to do just that____________.
This famous object is the largest carving in the world created from a single
This element of art is used to describe the solidity of a form, such as that of
the Colossal Olmec Heads____________.
Something done on a monumental scale usually indicates __________
Scale can be used to indicate importance but not __________ .
A work that is created in small scale can communicate __________ .
This kind of shape is mathematically regular and precise___________.
Frank Gehry’s design for the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, uses contrasts
Artists use this kind of texture if they want to contradict a viewer's normal
expectations of a textured surface_____________.
Hokusai’s print of The Great Wave off Shore at Kanagawa uses compositional
unity in which of these ways?
Artists sometimes use this method of applying value to give a feeling of
This type of perspective is used by game designers because it allows them to
create depth using parallel diagonal lines._____________________
Raphael's School of Athens depicts this:_______________
Artists anticipate the effects of light on an object by subtle variations
Different systems of perspective organize and distribute lines and forms in
two-dimensional space, allowing artists to create a convincing sense of
An artist can create an illusion of depth using only color by varying the
_________ is the most vivid element of art and design.
The traditional primary colors are______________.
This is a kind of color "map" that allows an artist to assess quickly the
attributes of colors as they relate to each other_________________.
Secondary colors can be created from a mixture of_____________ Matisse
was interested in using vibrant colors to __________ .
This color with a cool temperature is often used to describe a depressed
psychological state of mind_______________.
Reflected light excites __________ that line the back of our eyes, and their
signals are reprocessed and interpreted as color in our brains.
A color that is lighter than its basic hue is called a __________ .
During his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh ______.
When Paul Gauguin chose yellow for his work Yellow Christ, he chose the
color for its __________ qualities.
Color mixtures using light, like those in digital displays, are called
__________ color mixtures.
Barbara Hepworth uses line to plan and visualize her three-dimensional
artwork. What kind of three-dimensional artwork does she produce?
Nancy Holt examines cycles of time in her work. In her sculpture “Solar
Rotary”, Holt examines the _________________________.
Dorothea Lange took a series of photos of a family in what kind of living
Bernini’s sculpture Apollo and Daphne implies motion. What kind of motion is
being depicted______________.
This type of art involves viewing actual motion and the artist's body in the
work ________________________
A good example of variety in a work would be __________
An artist creates compositional unity by __________
Hokusai’s print of The Great Wave off Shore at Kanagawa uses compositional
unity in which of these ways?_________________
The great masters of the Renaissance understood the importance
of________in their works.
Conceptual unity refers to the ______ ______ ______ ______ within a work
of art.
The focal point of Rauschenberg's sculpture Monogram is __________
If a work can be cut in half and each side looks exactly (or nearly exactly)
the same, then it is __________ balanced.
Scale refers to size.
In Egyptian art the Pharaoh was almost always depicted in this
This use of scale can create an abnormal or supernatural effect, and was
used by the Surrealists to do just that._________
When a Yoruba sculptor created a human form, he or she made this body
part disproportionately large:__________
This is a specific place of visual emphasis in a work of art_____________.
Blue Interior by Mark Tobey focuses the viewer's attention squarely on this
area of emphasis:_________
In Bruegel's Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, the viewer is directed away
from Icarus plunging into the sea through the use of __________ .
In Artemisia Gentileschi's work Judith Decapitating Holofernes, the viewer is
directed to the __________ that is indicated by directional lines.
All the elements and principles of art can serve to create emphasis.
Both________and________ _____ shape out examination of a work of art
by directing the movement of our gaze.
Artists use pattern and rhythm to bring order to ____________
When events recur, this creates a_____________
_________arises through the repetition of pattern.
Artists frequently rely on _______ and __________to ground their work.
CHAPTER, 1. PART 1.10:
Artists have many tools at their disposal, which we call the _________ and
_________ of art.
If we can recognize the objects or people in a work of art, it is __________
The tools of formal analysis help us to __________
Psychological analysis of Nighthawks by the artist Edward Hopper tells us
that the painter was __________
A formal analysis of Las Meninas by Diego de Silva y Velázquez would
concentrate on this aspect of the work:___________________
Picasso studied and copied Las Meninas because __________
Name at least five (5) of the elements of art.
Identify at least five (5) of the principles of art.
Your textbook discusses a wide variety and methods to analyze a work
of art. Explain any three (3) these Modes of Analysis that are
discussed in the textbook.
ART 1133 Study Guide for Exam 1 Unit I --‐ Introduction to Art, Chapter 1.1 through 1.10 INTRODUCTION: Hokusai is said to have used a live chicken’s footprints in a painting that communicated ______. William G. Wall’s print  “Fort Edward”  is a vehicle for expressing the artist’s thoughts about __________ . Western artists since the Renaissance have usually considered ______ to be the highest forms of art. Traditionally, artists in China learned their craft by ______. Stolen art loses much of its value because ______ Art is sometimes censored by the authorities because of___________. The Nazis’ Degenerate Art Exhibition contained work that ______. African masks displayed in museums were originally made ______. CHAPTER, 1. PART 1.1: These 1300-year-old South American drawings, which include an enormous image of a spider, were first discovered by overflying commercial aircraft because they are so huge.____________ A line can be a mark that connects ___________________. Barbara Hepworth uses line to plan and visualize her three-dimensional artwork. What kind of three-dimensional artwork does she produce?__________. This kind of line tends to be more visually active so it can draw the viewer's attention.________. Vertical lines tend to communicate __________ . Line
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can be used as a tool to __________ . Dashes and grids in  The Devil Made Me Do It , by Sauerkids, are a good example of this kind of line____________. CHAPTER, 1. PART 1.2: Which of these is a form?  Triangle, Circle, Pyramid, Square, Rectangle. Which of these is not a geometric form?  Leaf, Sphere, Cube, Pyramid, Cylinder. The human figure communicates the rich experience of humanity, and artists emulate this experience using this kind of form:________ This use of scale can create an abnormal or supernatural effect, and was used by the Surrealists to do just that____________. This famous object is the largest carving in the world created from a single stone____________. This element of art is used to describe the solidity of a form, such as that of the Colossal Olmec Heads____________. Something done on a monumental scale usually indicates __________ Scale can be used to indicate importance but not __________ . 2 A work that is created in small scale can communicate __________ . This kind of shape is mathematically regular and precise___________. Frank Gehry’s design for the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, uses contrasts of:___________. Artists use this kind of texture if they want to contradict a viewer's normal expectations of a textured surface_____________. CHAPTER, 1. PART 1.3: Hokusai’s print of  The Great Wave off Shore at Kanagawa  uses compositional unity in which of these ways? Artists sometimes use this method of applying value to give a feeling of three-dimensionality___________. This type of perspective is used by game designers because it allows them to create depth using parallel diagonal lines._____________________ Raphael's  School of Athens  depicts this:_______________ Artists anticipate the effects of light on an object by subtle variations in____________. Different systems of perspective organize and distribute lines and forms in two-dimensional space, allowing artists to create a convincing sense of
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