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Question 1 Why did the United States outlaw Chinese immigration in 1882 with the Chinese Exclusion Act?

Question 1
Why did the United States outlaw Chinese immigration in 1882 with the Chinese Exclusion Act?

The Chinese were forming violent gangs in California

The Chinese were taking jobs from Americans

The Chinese were trafficking in opium

The Chinese were creating slums in western cities
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Question 2
In Katsushika Hokusai's The Great Wave, what does the distant Mount Fuji represent?

A haven for the boats beneath the wave

The immortality of the natural world

The residence of the ancestors

The harmonious opposite of the water
2 points
Question 3
In A Visit from the Old Mistress, why does Homer portray the old mistress dressed in black and the former slaves in white?

To celebrate the new equality of the races

To heighten the tension of the scene

To show the disparity in wealth between them

To balance the colors of his composition
2 points
Question 4
Why did the Parisian workers revolt in June 1848?

Charles-Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte declared himself emperor

Bread shortages had led to massive inflation

The government shut down the National Workshops

The military seized control of the factories
2 points
Question 5
What was one of the effects of Stephen Foster's plantation melodies?

To humanize the blacks

To romanticize the South

To capture the African beats

To make fun of the black dialect
2 points
Question 6
Why were Timothy O'Sullivan's and Alexander Gardener's photographs of the Gettysburg battlefield so disturbing?

They removed the dead soldiers' shoes and turned out their pockets

No American battlefield had ever before been photographed with dead on it

They stacked the bodies into a pile to emphasize the number of dead

Their clarity enabled people to identify their dead family members
2 points
Question 7
In his Haussmannization of Paris, why did Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann widen Paris's streets?

To enable more shops to be built along them

To make it harder for mobs to barricade them

To allow for more factories to be built in the city

To make it more difficult for snipers to aim at people
2 points
Question 8
Why did Haussmann's redesign cause the working class to move outside the city?

Their neighborhoods were destroyed

Schools were located outside the city

Factories replaced their tenement housing

The government built them new houses there
2 points
Question 9
Why was Egyptian cotton so prized by European markets?

Held dye better

Exceptionally soft

Long , strong fibers

Cheaper than American
2 points
Question 10
Why did Mehmet Ali present France with an obelisk from Luxor Temple?

For the French's help in industrializing Egypt

In gratitude for helping him become Egypt's viceroy

For France's military support in his invasion of Turkey

As payment for the money Egypt borrowed from France
2 points
Question 11
According to Émile Zola, what two factors over which they have no control determine people's lives?

Economy and social status

Heredity and environment

Class and heredity

Economy and environment
2 points
Question 12
Why were Jacques Offenbach's operettas so popular with the French?

They included the second-act ballet

They satirized the Germans

They were light and entertaining

They glorified Louis-Napoleon's reign
2 points
Question 13
Why did French audiences react so negatively to Wagner's Tannhäuser?

Its plot was hopelessly Romantic

It was performed in the German language

Its second-act dance was not a ballet

Its German plot inflamed French hostility
2 points
Question 14
Why was Baudelaire forced to remove six poems from his book Les Fleurs du mal?

For criticizing the French government

For concerning lesbianism and vampirism

For presenting a romanticized view of death

For celebrating the lives of French prostitutes
2 points
Question 15
Why in part did Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) disturb its viewers?

The subject is too mundane for the painting's grand scale

The nude female seems to serve no purpose

The two dressed men are oblivious to the nude female

The model for the nude female was Manet's wife
2 points
Question 16
Why can Manet's Olympia be viewed as a statement about human slavery?

Olympia's hands are dirty

Olympia is a prostitute

Olympia is holding money

Olympia's maid is black
2 points
Question 17
Why did Wagner design the orchestra to be underneath the stage of the Bayreuth Festspielhaus?

To open up more space for seating

To draw the audience closer to the stage

To make the Festspielhaus distinctly German

To soften the sound of the orchestra
2 points
Question 18
In her novel Lélia, why does George Sand write a happier ending for Pulchérie, the prostitute, than for Lélia, her more virtuous sister?

Pulchérie is a realist

Lélia is unhappily married

Pulchérie is an idealist

Lélia is bourgeoisie
2 points
Question 19
What earlier work does Manet's Olympia mirror?

Titian's Reclining Nude

Botticelli's The Birth of Venus

Giorgione's The Tempest

Antonio Canova's Paolina Bonaparte as Venus
2 points
Question 20
How did Wagner accomplish his new "music drama"-reflections by the orchestra of the stage action?

With song cycles

With a rondo form

With multiple arias

With leitmotifs
2 points
Question 21
Why do most of Edgar Degas's paintings have work as their primary theme?

Degas was a product of working-class parents

Middle-class buyers preferred that theme

Degas worked long and hard on his paintings

Work's stress made for intriguing facial expressions
2 points
Question 22
Why does Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party seem to present an unreal world?

Men and women as equals

So many social classes together

No city overcrowding and pollution

Leisure and pleasure without work
2 points
Question 23
Why can Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party be viewed as a response to Émile Zola's challenge for the Impressionists to create more complex paintings?

The strong outlines of each of the figures

The interlocking triangles connecting the figures

The use of identifiable people for the figures

The imitation of a Rubens' genre painting
2 points
Question 24
Why did Camille Pissaro paint Red Roofs with the complementary colors red and green and orange and blue set side by side?

To intensify each other's hue

To contrast with the brown trees

To blur human design and nature

To imitate the play of light on nature
2 points
Question 25
In Berthe Morisot's Summer's Day, why is one woman's dress with zigzags while the other is a patchwork of straight strokes?

To distinguish the clothing from the water

To show one's social superiority to the other

To emphasize the distance between them

To capture the diverse play of light better
2 points
Question 26
What human-rights issue lay beneath the surface of nineteenth-century Russian culture?

Lack of women's rights

Child labor conditions

Plight of the serf

Imprisonment without trial
2 points
Question 27
As stated in the chapter's "Continuity and Change" section, why were nineteenth-century Americans so attracted to French culture?

Liberation from Puritan morality

Avant-garde developments in art

History of France's traditions and style

Empathy for the many rebellions
2 points
Question 28
Why did nineteenth-century Russian collectors favor French and German works over Russian art?

They recognized the genius of the Impressionists

They believed Russia was hopelessly backward

They appreciated the sense of rebellion

Russian art was too steeped in religion
2 points
Question 29
What effect does Claude Monet's loose brushwork give to Boulevard des Capucines?

Snow drifting through trees

Animation of a public street

Insignificance of human swarms

Majesty of the Place de l'Opéra
2 points
Question 30
How did Tchaikovsky raise ballet music to a new level?

With en pointe dancers and skimpier costumes

By including French and Russian folk music

With lyrical melodies and rich orchestration

By introducing realistic effects such as cannon shots
2 points
Question 31
Why did one reviewer call Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass "a mass of rotten filth"?

Anti-slavery sentiments

Native American support

Celebrations of sexuality

Free verse writing style
2 points
Question 32
In 1892, what percent of all millionaires in the United States lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn?




2 points
Question 33
With what did Native American tribes believe artistic skill coexisted?

Hunting magic

Divine powers


Beauty and virtue
2 points
Question 34
According to architect Louis H. Sullivan, what determined a building's identity?




2 points
Question 35
Why did the Plains tribes begin performing the Ghost Dance in 1889?

To make the white people disappear

To prepare for battle at Wounded Knee

To bring about peace with the white people

To honor those who died from smallpox
2 points
Question 36
Why was the Tammany Society originally founded?

Immigrant assistance

Political purposes

Women's suffrage

Social purposes
2 points
Question 37
How were women almost always portrayed in late nineteenth-century American visual art?

As maternal

As erotic objects

As professionals

As passive
2 points
Question 38
How many Native Americans died on the Trail of Tears?

Over 1,000

Over 2,000

Over 4,000

Over 10,000
2 points
Question 39
Why were Thomas Eakins' The Gross Clinic and The Agnew Clinic not well received by the American public?

Clinical portrayal of nudity

Inclusion of female figures

Inappropriate subject for art

Impressionistic techniques
2 points
Question 40
How does Emily Dickinson's poetry resemble Walt Whitman's?

Focus on life in the city

Unconventional verse

Celebration of individual

Unorthodox themes
2 points
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