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How revolutionary was the Reagan Revolution and how was it revolutionary? Consider the following topics and look at one or two in detail:
The economy
The federal debt
Federal regulation
Social welfare
Public health
Race relations
Gender equality
Foreign affairs
In what ways was it beneficial to the American nation and in what ways was it detrimental?
Did the positives outweigh the negatives or vice versa?
Did the Reagan Revolution make the American nation more united or more divided?
What cultural issues caused the most friction during the Age of Reagan?
Is the Age of Reagan still underway?

Additional Requirements

Min Words: 200
Max Words: 300
Level of Detail: Show all work
Other Requirements: Cite Sources

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Reagan Revolution refers to the great rediscovery, rediscovery of common sense and
values. He explained the present situation with the entirely different view. According to him,
government is not...