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1. You’re the managing partner in a law firm with 55 male...

1. You’re the managing partner in a law firm with 55 male associates and 45 female associates, and you agree with the argument that women lawyers need to “self-promote” more effectively. Which approach to motivation would you apply to encourage female associates in your firm to “self-promote” more actively? Explain your choice of approach. 2. What about your own values when it comes to balancing your home and work life? Assume that you’re about to graduate from law school and about to get married to a fiancé who’s also about to graduate from law school. When you sit down with your future husband or wife to discuss your plans married life, what feelings will you propose if it turns out that your fiancé’s ideas on the matter are more or less the opposite of your own? Be sure to consider factors such as the debt you’ve racked up while in law school and the standard of living that you’d like to achieve during your working life.

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