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I need the answers for my critical thinking assignment please....

I need the answers for my critical thinking assignment please. Simple multiple choice answers

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Module 03 Written Assignment - Identifying Fallacious Reasoning in a Text Read the following text and answer the multiple choice questions below it. The numbers in the margins correspond with the questions. My friend Jacob and I frequently get together for long conversations at a local restaurant. What might start out as a simple dinner among friends can turn into an evening long debate, the finer points punctuated by the occasional pint and usually ended with coffee and dessert. Only recently we discussed the local school district. 1. “I think our district is broken because that is what my friend Maxine keeps telling me,” he said. “She’s a teacher; she ought to know.” 2. “Please,” I said, “Maxine and the rest of the teachers’ union are just acting bitter so they can push for a better contract next year. The union leaders are already complaining about too little pay, but they don’t say anything about poor student outcomes.” 3. Jacob didn’t respond right away. “That’s because the outcomes are fine,” he said. 4. I could only laugh. “Please. The outcomes are becoming so bad it’s criminal.” 5. “Well, Shady Haven High has never dropped below the national average, and they are offering open enrollment to qualifying students.” 6. “Yes, so there is Shady Haven and the rest of the district’s schools, and heaven forbid you attend any of the other schools because the averages are so much worse. Obviously the solution is to ship every student to Shady Haven so they have a chance at learning something,” I replied. 7. “The average for the entire district is still above the average,” Jacob shot back. “Without Shady Haven skewing the results?” I asked, but Jacob wouldn’t respond to the question.
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