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In 2007 the Bureau of Justice Statistics released nationwide...

In 2007 the Bureau of Justice Statistics released nationwide statistics on the prevalence of prison sexual violence. Discuss the characteristics associated with perpetrators and victims of prison sexual violence. What are pervasive myths associated with prison sexual violence and why to they persevere? What if anything can be done to reduce this particular kind of violence in prison? Identify at least three distinct problems or challenges women face upon release from prison. Discuss how each of these distinct issues affect women’s ability to succeed on the outside. What if anything is the corrections system doing to address these problems? Name the five basic mechanisms by which inmates are released from prison. Describe each one and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. What is the impact of release mechanism on prisoners, the prison culture, and the prison staff? What is a civil disability? Name at least three civil disabilities convicts face upon release. How do each of these disabilities influence the possible success of a released prisoner? Which do you think is the most difficult to bear? Why? How do these disabilities affect society? Compare and contrast the terms “delinquent child,” “neglected child,” and “dependent child.” Originally which type of child was the juvenile system intended to focus on? Which type of child does it currently focus on primarily? Name at least three unintended consequences of an ever-increasing prison population? Give concrete examples of each. Discuss the political and social affects of these consequences. Are they acceptable? Explain your reasoning. Identify and describe at least three ways the criminal justice system operates to allow for an overrepresentation of African Americans and Latinos/as in the prisons. Be sure and give one example involving the police, one involving the courts, and one involving corrections. African Americans and Latinos/as are overrepresented in the criminal justice system. Discuss the social and political consequences of this fact. The method by which someone is executed in the United States has changed over time. Identify at least 3 methods and place them in temporal order. Why does the method change? Why does the method matter? Does changing the method address any of the arguments that surround capital punishment? What is your response to the argument that the death penalty is disproportionately imposed on minorities and the poor? Consider the following:  What was the finding of the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of McCleskey v. Kemp, and how has this case changed the approach used by defense attorneys in capital cases? Finally, state your opinion on the Supreme Courts’ holdings in McCleskey v. Kemp.

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