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Psy Unit 8 Question 1 1. Consider the findings from the study by...

Psy Unit 8

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Question 1 1. Consider the findings from the study by Cohen and colleagues (1991, 1993) on stress and the immune system. On a college campus, when would students be most susceptible to catching a cold? Answer Just after returning from Spring Break The second week of the semester Finals week when there are many exams and papers due During summer break 4 points Question 2 1. _________ is a state of pessimism that results when people think their negative outcomes are due to stable, internal, and global factors. Answer A maladaptive attribution Dejection Learned helplessness Low self-efficacy 4 points Question 3 1. Christian, a Caucasian man, and Sung-Yee, a Korean man, are walking to their cars when an Asian man pulls out a knife and demands their wallets. In a lineup, Christian cannot tell which man is the one who attacked him, but Sung- Yee has no problem identifying the culprit. This is an example of: Answer source-monitoring. bystander apathy. selective attention. the own-race bias. 4 points Question 4 1. When a coach gives his or her team a pep talk, he/she is really trying to boost their _________. Answer intelligence self-esteem external locus of control self-efficacy 4 points Question 5 1. Hans Selye (1956, 1976) originally defined stress as: Answer perceptions of threat. psychological responses to threat.
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