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With reference to relevant literature; critically discuss the role...

With reference to relevant literature; critically discuss the role of SWOT analysis in strategic planning Use the SWOT analysis framework to evaluate the factors within Porsche’s internal and external environment Figure 2 With reference to relevant theory, critically discuss how Porsche’s competitive strategy is to change under VW’s ownership Figure 3 Using Porsche’s five force of industry competition, critically discuss the competitive dynamics within the industry in which Porsche compete. Figure 4 In seeking to become the “leading automotive group globally “, VW has embarked on a strategy of Multinational diversification. Critically discuss VW’s choice of strategy Figure 5 “It is increasingly accepted that companies can no longer act independently of the societies and the environment in which they operates”. In seeking to attain competitive advantage at a global level, critically discuss the need for VW to to “focus on the triple bottom line” and to establish itself as a good corporate citizen in all countries in which it operates.

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