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Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean most accurately means that:...

Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean most accurately means that: Answer One should not be mean to one’s co-workers since being nice and polite is an instrumental value. “Nice guys finish last.” The moral choice is a rationally determined mean between two extremes representing deficiency and access. Being mean to a person for spite and malice is disrespectful and demeaning and fails the Categorical Imperative. 0.5 points Question 3 President Abraham Lincoln very succinctly explained his rationale for his condemnation of and opposition to slavery, to wit: "As I would not be a slave, so I shall not be a master." Lincoln's reasoning best exemplifies what ethical theory? Answer a. Legal Positivism of Thomas Hobbs b. Ethical Relativism of the Sophists c. The Categorical Imperative of Immanuel Kant d. Utilitarianism of Bentham and Mills. Which of the following is NOT a correct statement? Answer One advantage to a Natural Rights theory of ethics is that it can provide very specific and precise moral rules to guide conduct. One problem with Rousseau’s Social Contract theory of ethics is that it is very difficult to determine with any exactitude what constitutes the General Will of the people. According to Machiavelli, Fate or Fortune rules a good part of a person’s actions, and thus a shrewd and smart person should be prepared to adapt one’s actions to circumstances imposed by Fate. “Soft” Determinism implies that one can make a true choice between good and bad moral alternatives. According to ethical relativism, Answer There are no moral standards which are universally true. Morality is societal-based. Different societies have different views as to what is right and wrong. All are true. Fran believes all people in a society have an implicit agreement with one another to obey moral rules. Which of the following ethical theories most accurately describes Fran’s beliefs? Answer Utilitarianism Machiavellian ethics Rousseau’s ethics Ethical Relativism

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